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BL Properties

Does anyone have any further update on BL properties. Arab knight won a case but have not heard any update on whether case winning was settled by BL or whether he is still chazing for payment. ARRA have no update yet (after nearly 10 years).



Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Agency has launched an initiative called “Get To Know Us” and it comes out of the strategic plan of the Agency. The purpose of this initiative is to enhance transparency and stability in the emirate's real estate market, and it also aims to promote the role of the Agency, its services and the deployment of real estate culture in society.

Any update of paradise lake owners association meeting with

Dear friends
Pl pass the information with regards to owners association meeting with ARRA

Lawyers with experience in EC legal disputes

Dear members, I will be grateful for sharing some lawyers contact numbers for whose have experience or won some lawsuits against developers in Emirate city and I think many lawyers now have gained experiences in this area where hundreds of investors suffered and passed through tough and hard times and took some legal actions against the developers to get back their money and their life time savings .

You can share here or send to my e-mail

Meeting of owners of Paradise lakes in ARRA

I received a message from ARRA that there is a meeting of Owners' association of Paradise Lakes ON 18TH Dec. 2016 in ARRA OFFICE AT 10.00 am.
In my view the most important issue to be discussed is very high electricity and water tariff charged by sweet homes. Any member suggest any other issue to be discussed. I shall try my best to go there.

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Ajman real estate conference 2016

The Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Agency wishes you a great day and all the success in your endeavors. In reference to the above subject, and under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Humeid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Ruler of Ajman and member of the UAE Supreme Council, the Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Agency organizes the first Ajman Real Estate Conference 2016, which will be held at the Emirates Hospitality Center on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016. The conference aims to:

1. enhancing innovation in the freehold sector

Rent contract attestaion

Hi all . I have flat i bought on payment plan for 2 years from sweet homes and i want to rent it out on my own way and get the rent contract attested so what the documents should be provided by the developer along with SPA that i signed taken into account i did not get registered in land authority yet ، i will be greatful for your help and sharing your experience.

Power for EC.... Officially

Power for EC.... Officially
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