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Who will do all this

Who will do all this
1. Sign board indicating "Emirates City" at the interchange exit and at the entrance of EC
2. Proper cordoning off of under construction buildings.
3. Removal of construction garbage.
4. Widening and lighting of internal road.
5. Implantation of trees and green belts inside the EC

Ajyal tower

Paradise lake flat caution deposit

Dear all
Pl let me know how much is the caution deposit for EB and water pay to best option my flat B6 tower
Thanks for reply


Hi Everyone,

Has anything developed regarding Lakeview Towers ? I have been out of the loop and was wondering if there any developments or hope for us.

I will be visiting UAE in July and I want to make sure if there are options with ARRA or legal avenues that I can take action in my short visit.

You can also email me at


Rent contract authentication

I live outside UAE and i need to know if any one authenticated the rent contract with his tenant recently to show me how can be done as they changed the process to be online process but when i tried to fill the form there is mandatory field for Emirates ID details which i dont have as well for item no 5 (No Objection Letter from the General Organisation for Real Estate Investment) this should i get from Best options or from where , thanks in advance for your advice

The below copied form Tasdeeg website

1-Request from the Lease Contracts Division

Good News : Etisalat for Paradise Lake Towers ( Row B)

Etisalat has officially resumed the work of cable installation for B row. i have been informed that we can from now submit our applications. this guy ( Etisalat Saleman : Majeed 056--698 0003) told me that they are offering 3 month free. however, needs to be verified. all the best :)

Awshar Real Estate Ajman

I paid a 5000 deposit on a flat I have seen and it did not work from the seller's side ..

However they kept the money.. They would not refund..

Be very careful when dealing with them..

They will show you a fine flat and then come up with a story that it did not work and they keep the money and try forcing any other flat they have which I don't want .. Crooks is the word.

I will get my money back by hook or by crook!

need Help

Dear All
Please see attached Contract and advise me: Royal Lake Front Tower, Plot CB11 its name has been changed what the name of new tower. I have approached the ARRA several time but nothing. My contracts mean nothing, I bought a invisible apartments. so sorry for such irresponsible government agency.

Thank you all & regards

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