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Legal Rights

Can anyone provide me the answers to these question. Thanks in advance for your time.

1. I am interested to buy appartment in emirates city, in Shami Twin Towers, marketed by Brouks real estate. What about the legal standing of contract? Will it between myself and developer only or it shall have some endorsement by ajman government as well.

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Progress on Paradise Lakes and Al Furqan Twin Towers

I had a short visit yesterday to the site and noticed the following:

 Work on piling tests on B5 plot.

Progress on the work on raft for B7

The columns of the ground floor are rising for B8

 Excavation started for the Al Furqan Twin Towers


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Sign Board of Lavender Tower

Sign Board of Lavender Tower

Sent by dwarish

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Progress report of plots D1 and D2

dwaresh wrote on 18th Aug :

Yesterday evening I Visited Site, since it was too dark I could not visited the complete area of the Emirates city, just general informations are as under :

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