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Links - page ??


Just thought that I don't see a 'LINKS' page on the Emirates City web-pages?

I don't know if that would be something to maybe add ??
I mean if we would like our web-site to have links on, for example R Holdings and Sweethomes websites.
Then maybe if we would put links to their pages or any other relevant pages - they would be more willing to put our pages linked from their pages?

I know the 'News Aggregator' is a great idea, and does link to many relevant pages, but what do you people think about a 'Links' page - good idea or not really needed??

Ajman BOund

Resident or Investor??

Hello there fellow Emirate City - and specifically Paradise Lakes owners !

I thought to start this Topic, as it is something that really interests me.
I've bought an apartment, with my wife, in Paradise Lakes Tower B8.
And we have plans to move and live in Ajman, as soon as the towers are ready to move in.
Then hopefully make our stay in Ajman a long and happy one.

But the question I was wondering about is, if you have bought an apartment in Paradise Lakes, have you bought it to move in and live there, or have you bought is as an investment??
I am just trying to 'map out' if people have bought properties to live in or to sell on/rent out.

Thank you for taking time to answer my little question

Ajman Bound

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Points of adding content to this website

Catalogue page 5 points
Forum topic, Image of progress & Blog entry 3
add new comment 2
Vote 1
Classified Ads -5

We can use this points in future elections.
I modified the point of comment from 1 point to 2 points and also blog entry & forum topic from 2 to 3 pints.
What do you think about this points? Are these on base of justice?

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rental grantee

My contracter in Gold Crest Dreams has admitted a rental grantee equal to 8 percent.What does it mean ?Will it reduce my installments or does it mean something else?

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the responsibility of the seller in case of delay

The contractors has annonced the completion time of mid2009 & in som projects end2009.Now I want to know if the contracters or sellers have any responsibilities in case of having delay in completion the projects or not?& if yes what are the general ones?

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The points of members after 4 days

1. Smitty 17 points
2. djamel05 8
3. yusuf & The Emirates City 6
4. dwaresh & sajjad 4
5. Nuraldin & Hasan 3
6. muffasa & azimfasihi 2
7. Nads 1

Our friend smitty is a first member of this virtual community and he created a catalgue with some pages. As you know each page has 5 points.
Hope other friends cooperate more in enriching and spreading this website.

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time of getting residential visa

My real states announced that the buyers of Emirates citys apartments get visa only after completation of paying the instalments,other projects get the visa at the time of completion of the instruction & some even at the time of signing the agreement(especially projects in Dubai).Does any body confirm it & have more information about that?

Paradise Lakes Tower B8

Can someone make a time & update the latest development on the tower B8 and kindly post the latest pictures as well?


Ajman uptown

Can someone please let me know if this is going to be a sound investment?

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Statistics of Membership till now

After 3 days from launching this website, The statistics of membership is not bad.
Number of members: 26 persons
Number of Resident in the UAE: 15 persons

We have the friends from various countries in this virtual community as following:
1- Indian 6 persons
2- Pakistani 5
3- Canadian 3
4- British 2
5- Somalian 2
6- Norwegian, Hungarian, Finnish, Jordanian, Yemeni, Iraqi, Iranian & UAE each one 1 person.

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