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Goldcrest Dreams 2

Anyone has any idea when construction will start on these 3 towers ? I can see Giga are launching the business Tower but no news on residential still. What are the prices on the Business tower and what impact will it have on the other residential towers ? Any genuine updates appreciated.

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Savannah Tower (C13)

Savannah Tower (C13)

Savannah Tower Located on Plot #C13

Developer: GSS Real Estate 

Is it possible to enlorge the images existed in the gallery?

Yes, Look to the bottom of image!
Is there a linknamed "Original"?
Yes, click on it to enlarge.
No, So the original image had not been larger than what you see.

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Emirates City Master Plan

Emirates City Master Plan
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Floor plan - Goldcrest Business Heights

Floor plan - Goldcrest Business Heights
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Goldcrest Business Heights Launched

You will find below ETA Star announcement for the Goldcrest Business Heights in Emirates City:

Star Giga Establishment is planning to unveil another jewel in its crown by the proposed launch of Goldcrest Business Heights a 36 floor commercial tower in Emirates City at Ajman. A pre launch response has exceeded the expectation with overwhelming sales response. The tower has been conceived by on of the renowned architects M/s Adnan Safarini with the finest architectural design befitting to the business environment.

Any good news about Al Furqan Twins?

Does anybody know about the progress of C10 and C11? specially C11?

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there web site is saying that it is sold out
Studios starting at 52,000 Dhs for an area of 350 sqft
1 BR starting at 104,000 Dhs for an area of 700 sqft
2 BR starting at 156,000 DHS for an area of 1050 sqft

This comes out to 148 Dh/sqft never seen such low price

The web site is:

Phone: 04 321 4323
is this true ??? we talked about this back in our old forums but now its saying sold out

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Chapal The Presidency

Just another Tower launch update for those interested , Chapal World will be launching new 51 story tower sometime this month called "The Presidency", to be located on plot "D6" on Emirates Road. I have already purchased an apartment there last week, although it is not released to sales/marketing agents yet, it is being sold at 14% prelaunch discount directly from developer. (800-Chapal)

The Presidency has a different design compared to their 2 previous towers which were identical. This is the only render i could find:

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Effect of amnesty law on Construction Time

One area were most of UAE illegals used to work is construction. Most contractors use them to beat deadlines or whenever they have a second shift or are short of workers. Subcontractors as well use these illegals that is why their numbers were in the hundred thousands accumulating over years. Now that most of them have left because of the amnesty law, I wonder how much of delay we can see in Emirates City. I used to visit the site on Fridays and used to see construction going on, but last couple of weeks, it is a different scene. The site looks deserted. I just wish that the effect on completion is minimal, although I do believe that the impact of project delays will be felt in every project.

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