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First Investment - Confused about PDCs

Hi All,

I am looking to buy my first every property in Gold Crest Towers B - Ajman.

So the agent has told me that I will have to pay 30% as Down-payment, and rest in 24 Monthly installments in form of PDCs

Since, this is my first time, and PDCs can have legal repercussions, can you guys kindly guide me on:

1 - Whats the usual way to pay for Real-Estate payment plans in UAE?
2- Whether PDCs are the only option we have for investment in here?

B8 Paradise Lakes

Hello everybody, I would like to inquire about people who bought in B8 Paradise Lakes, Ajman. Is there something we can do to make them finish this building. Sweetlies (sweethomes) say it will be completed in December 2017. I went last week nobody is working on it, they working on B7. I think B7 may be ready by March 2018, and probably after that they may move and work on B8, which put it for 2019 or 2020.

Is there anything B8 investors can do to make these crooks finish this building before 2020? If you are B8 investor please register and let's get together.

Royal Lake Tower

Dear All

Does anyone knows the new plot number and name of Royal lake tower project?
in addition anyone knows the address of BL Properties

Thank you in advance

Kind regards

My apartment taken by tenant

I am owner of 1 bed room flat in B6. I rented the flat in Nov 2015 to one Arab national. It was my mistake that I did not involve any real estate agent, and also the contract was not registered in municipality. It was a simple paper contract which was signed by me and him. Both of us exchanged PP and ID copies. He paid the rent with 4 cheques and gave a cash security deposit of 4000.
After completing 1 year he left the flat leaving behind his furniture and some other belongings inside.

B2. New photos posted on sweet home website.

Hello Owners,

Does any one have any update on the tower B2? When will it be finished.




Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Agency Launches

C2 Ready Soon

C2 Tower will be ready very soon as i saw yesterday. maybe it will be handed over in 1 or 2 month

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