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Do you think there will be demands for renting in EC ??? There will be more than 25000 flats in EC only, i think it will be difficult to find people who wants to rent a flat ?? I would like to have your opinions ....

Rentall EC?

U have a valid point there. However, It can go either ways....Rock bottom to hell or Highest demand once completed.

U just never know. For now it seems that way....Only unexpected can occur in UAE.

EC rentals

I think there will be a good rental demand. For an emirate that say rents rise by 30% last year, there is clearly a shortage of supply.

In my view there will be

In my view there will be more apartments on offer than there is demand. Well, depending on how many here have bought only to rent and how many are planning to live in Emirates City.

I think it will also depend on the standard of the furnishing that the owner of the apartment uses, and I also think that apartments on the higher floors might be more in demand (if price is the same) than apartments on the 'middle' levels.

But, I am no expert in these issues and have bought myself with the aim to live in Emirates City, so for me any rises in the apartment price or rental prices do not concern me that much.
Of course it is nice to know that when I bought the apartment in 2006, that I bought it for a lot cheaper than they are selling now... so in one way, I have already made some money!

So, let us wait for another two to three years and we shall all be that little bit wiser.