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Poll and Owners Statistics
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Dear Friends, 1. You can

Dear Friends,
1. You can vote in the old polls and share your idea for other friends.
2. You can send me you suggestion about his website (by contact us) especially about the new sections that you want to add to this website gradually.
Thanks :)


I find members statistics very useful, particularly the table which shows how many people bought in the various towers - I see this as a proxy indicator of the pace at which the project is being sold out. However it appears that there are 86 members of this website that have not indicated which towers they have bought in - as a result, the information is lacking. Of course it is also possible that there are many buyers who have not registered on this website, hence this information will never be accurate. Nonetheless, it would be nice if the existing members could update their info - we would then have a more complete overview of the situation and could better judge the accuracy of the various statements made by developers - for example, that "X' towers have been 90% sold out". Thank you for attention :) .