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Dear All Friends,
A new section was launched. Before that i summerize the profile of members and report it as the latest statistics of members periodically. Now You can see a breif of personal information of all members updated automatically in one page every time you want.
These informations are included nationality, country of residence and the name of towers which they have bought unit(s) in it.
Refer to:
Hope i can maintain the forum updated and improve it gradually. You can help me with your suggestions.
At present, Our main problem is the hosting of this website. till now i couldn't find a good shared host with high max concurrent connections to mysql database. Maybe i have to use VPS because of high number of online members especially in the future, Insha Allah.


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Surprised to see there is no one from UAE owning any apartments in Emirates City! Or is it my mistake?!!

Indians lead followed by Iranians and British!
GoldCrest tops with 28 or so owner members!

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786*pill4 PAIN Acute Chronic 'SOUL May be a GOD !'

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Though majority of members (88) are RESIDING in UAE!!

Majority Ownership?

A jolly good observation I 2 Ajman.
I wonder why?
Can any member throw some more light on this matter please?


Its not like that, may be

Its not like that, may be any UAE national is not the part / mamber of our site....?? there is huge investments from UAE citizen.

Majority ownership?

Dear Dwarish,
thanks for this posting. Undoubtedly there is a massive investment in the whole project and perhaps that makes sense.
By the way, when can you please be able to update the progress on the construction? When ever you do please also up date us on the Ajman Uptown project as well..
Thanks in advance.


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As per latest membership statistics, it is AMAZING to see there are persons of 67 (SIXTY SEVEN) nationalities having invested in EMIRATES CITY and who are members of our FORUM!

Quite a sizeable portion of the WORLD represented here!!

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Dead Investment............Hard Earned saving in Sand..........