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What can we do for accelerating in construction of Towers and handing over on time?

Calling to developer all together
9% (5 votes)
Sending email to developer all together
4% (2 votes)
Going to the developer's office together
36% (20 votes)
Submiting a petition signed by buyers
25% (14 votes)
Choices 1 and 2 together
25% (14 votes)
Total votes: 55


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Other suggestions

Dear Friends,
If you have any other suggestion, Please offer it by comment.
You can contribute in the past polls.

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I believe you can't do much to accelerate the construction of a building or to make sure it will be handed over on time. Unfortunately this option wasn't given in the latest poll.

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Press on developer(s)

Dear Friends,

I heared recently that the construction of r-holding towers (Lilies and Lavender Towers) is stoped since some months ago. It's not acceptable.

We should do an action for pressing to the developers like rholding.

I suggest to plan for using all choices of the current poll. The non-resident buyers like me can send email or sign a petition or call them. Other friends can attend in their offices. But it should be together. Because the our force and its effect will be more than one by one.

I'm sure It' won't be without effect. We should emphasis on our request for handing over on time. I agree that sending email or calling them don't have a big reaction but if we repeat it, It means we do that e.g. weekly, They have to do anything.

If you are agree, Please go ahead and don't lose the time. We should make a plan for it.

1. A schedule for sending email.

2. A schedule for attending in the office of developer(s)

3. A schedule for calling to the office of developer(s).

4. Creating a petition in and refering for signing it. We should have some petitions.

Dear Admin, Please help us in this way. I think we need to send a newsletter to the members after planning for execution.
Are there heros for going a head on behalf of other friends? :?

Thanks :)

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i dont think anuthing will

i dont think anuthing will happen they will say
1- no laber (bring us some if you can)
2- dont worry everything is on plan
3- you have no right to talk as the handng date is still more than a year away

This probably won't help

This probably won't help much in terms of action, but it will definitely send a message across to the developer and place pressure on them, if it is done on a continuous basis.

Composition of the information

I request to all members to open creat seperate forum and collect the composite informations of any one subject like - Visiting or calling to R-holding and what they answer about the slow progress.

If even we can collect 10 or more informations from verious mamber on same subject we will able to know the consistancy of the reply / information from R-holding and then it will be easy to make conclusion on R- holding view.

In Example when I visited team leader of customer care said " They have terminated the contract with Abu saif and they are in surch of replacement so we should not expect any progress for coming six month"

When Oshurie visited same team leader said " They don't know who is Abu saif "

Above informations were shared but under diffrent forum .... If we will able to gether any perticular subject under one topic we can get better base of the information and can be compared.

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Dear dwarish, Thanks for

Dear dwarish,
Thanks for your suggestion.
I created a new forum.
Please suggest me a better title for this forum.

Thanks a lot

Dear Admin,

Your prompt action appreciated thanks & regards.