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Winning accolades

Recently one of the biggest builders in Kerala bagged the coveted CRISIL rating recently and has earned the reputation of being the first builder in the State to have crowned with this accolade. Needless to say, CRISIL is the internationally acclaimed credit risk rating authority and they have granted DA3+ rating as Real Estate Developer to this particularly renowned builder. This is the highest rating among Builders Kerala . CRISIL rating is recognition for “the developer’s track record in executing real estate projects as per specified quality levels and transferring a clear title within the stipulated tune schedule is good”. There are a number of such big builders in Kerala with widespread projects in Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam, Kochi, Thrissur, Kozhikode and Kannur. The land, which was the last option for anyone to invest in a couple of years ago has now become hot property and is selling like hotcakes. The property rates in the state have gone up several times just within a period of few years.
It is true that the city of Kochi in kerala has registered an envious growth figure in every sphere of business activity and thus has acquired an equal standing with some of the other upcoming metros in the country in the recent past. The builders in Kochi provide apartments with all luxury facilities like swimming pool, club house, amphitheatre and fitness centre to fulfill a complete living experience that is truly world class. The ongoing infrastructure projects by several builders in the state, which are in various stages of implementation, will, on completion, catapult the city into the league of big cities of India. Estimated to cost about thousands of crores these projects are poised to change the face of Kerala forever.