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who ever knows a good lawyer who won a case at emirate city ajman let me know please

who ever knows a good lawyer who won a case at emirate city ajman let me know please
they left no choice but to take action i can speak english and arabic.

thank you very much

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i heard this group is having

i heard this group is having good lawyers and once i have seen someone from this forum won a case through this firm.

The Legal Group - Advocates & Legal Consultants in Dubai .
E-313 Al Saaha Offices
B, Souk Al Bahar,
Burj Khalifa,
Old Town, Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
P.O Box 20338
Tel:+971 4 447 7044
Fax:+971 4 447 7088

good luck

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Thanks Faisal

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i agree with you

I agree with you on this law firm however since they lost their star attorney to another firm,they have been out of news lately...

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Bunch of mussle guys with

Bunch of mussle guys with baseball bats visiting the Amiri court in Ajman..
That will get our money back from these crooks...

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How can they help us

Hello Akhiabani
Will they help me if i can see on 19/11/14

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This is just a totally US thing. You owe money and you do not payback then they come after you with baseball bats and break some of your bones but leave you alive because they want to get their money back...


please my Brothers you have to understand any lowyer have no authorise to seal tha devolper land and to get our Money back.its INVESTMENT LAND .just Ajman goverment can seal it for athger Investors to give us Money back.i just wunder no comment from any one from us .specally Mr .AKHIABANI

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Money back

If you win your case at the court and the developer has no cash to pay you back,then the court will order the liguidation of the developers assets...