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Which developer will hand over its tower(s) with min. of delay

15% (4 votes)
42% (11 votes)
Sweet Homes
23% (6 votes)
Chapal Worlds
12% (3 votes)
BSEL Group
8% (2 votes)
Total votes: 26


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i dont this topic Makes

i dont this topic Makes sense
I mean how would we know?
:? :? :?

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Star Giga appears fine, but.....

THough in JLT the Goldcrest Views Tower of ETA star has got delayed for handovers, reportedly due to DEWA delays.

But the way they are going about their consturction at Emirates City, the GCD is not likely to get delayed much.

Who knows and who can tell.... its too early to predict.

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In fact, Sweet Homes is not

In fact, Sweet Homes is not developer, It's sales and marketing agent. The developer of Paradise Lakes Towers is R-Holdings. You can see it in the sign board of paradise lakes plots in gallery.
But we wanted to separate Lavender and Lilies (and Sahara) Towers for row B. Because maybe someone just knows Sweet Homes.

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Sweet Home is the Developer of Rainbow Towers

I agree, Sweet Home is only the Sales & Marketing agent for Paradise Lakes but they are the developers of Rainbow Towers. They bought the plots for Rainbow towers to resell them, when it didn't work they decided building them. They are still hoping that they can sell some of them as an entire tower.