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Utilities: A big question mark

A report in Abu Dhabi's The National says FEWA is expanding electricity and water supplies to the Northern Emirates only for residential and commercial projects; it will not be feeding freehold projects. That raises a very big question for Ajman property investors after all these years of fruitless waiting: Who will provide water and electricity to Ajman's freehold projects, assuming some of them eventually get completed? Do the developers have alternative sources in mind to cater for the masses of multistorey buildings coming up/not coming up?


would suggest that maybe the developers did not consider electricity and water utilities in the area was their responsibility. perhaps their priority was to sell the project apartments first, then worry about building it...utilities down the bottom of the priority list. anyway, its all academic now on the utilities as there are significant doubts whether many of the buildings will ever be completed so whether there are utilities provided or not, its irrelevant. of concern is how such a large mega project could be launched and sold to an unsuspecting public, when there may not have been any provision of utility services in the original master plan. if that were the case, why was it ever approved by the concerned authorities to go ahead with emirates city. i would suggest that the concerned authorities had a duty of care to the buying public and the private developers for the provision of utilities, otherwise perhaps the project should not have been approved in the first place.

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Ajman Government's Collected Money and

yes seems like we all got screwed by this government...