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UAE Residence Visa Rule

Just a quick question. The requirement to get a residence visa for UAE is that you should have invested UAE DM: 1,000,000 in free hold real estate. The question: If a person has invested in multiple free hold real estate (say 3 apartments) and the total of the investment is equal to or more than UAE DM: 1,000,000. By law, is he entiled to the residence visa ( say he also meets the other criteria of monthly income and place to stay).
Can some one clarify this


Since we have invested blindly in AJMAN my experience says the law of that country is barbaric to put it politely.Everyday you hear different ruling about Emirates City.First we were promised that when buying an apartment visa is automatically included.Then we hear a different story visa is not granted.We have to apply visa yearly.Now we have to pay for the visa.You see they are trying to get money in all sort of crooked ways.
If I have to invest 1 million then I will invest it elsewhere and NOT IN UAE.No thank you .I will never put a penny there.
I am trying to get my money refunded and I am not having any reply.I am a bit too far from Ajman in U.K. to deal directly with them.They are thieves ,robbers,crooks and biggest mafia disguise under islamic veils.If one is not satisfied then it is only fair to return his money after deducting disturbance cost.No they prefer to turn a deaf ears.That is why I say they are thieves and BIGGEST ALI BABA.

Visa rules

The visa u get on one million investment in property is not a residence visa. It is only a 6 month visit visa with multiple entry. This only you get on paying the routine visa fee.

Residence Visa Rules

Thank you all for the details. In fact it is a visit visa and not a residence visa which you get when you invest over AED 1M, strange....seems like the law makers do not want the people to live there but only want their money in the name of investment.


You get a bloody visa to UAE on landing at the airport if you are a european passport holder.SO WHY BOTHER TO INVEST. VISA IS FREE.
Like as said before they can keep their visa all I want is my money that I invested BACK.I want my REFUND.But they are not answering my demand.

hi abdool

i am from a similar situation.are u willing to exchange details ie emai address to compare notes.regards


Salam abdool and dr.sahib, I am also from uk. please if we cold get in touch thru email.

garden city

hi shan.i am in mnchester.invsted in above development good 2 yrs ago.paid small sum then got fed up and stopped they tell me project is complete.with all negetivity surrounding uae in general and ajman in particular i wil seem unwise to part with any money.ajaz.