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A thought for the day

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Why is there no expiration dates on the SAP agreements we signed about ten years ago considering majority of towers are at zero construction and way past the promised delivery dates??
Any ideas anyone ???

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After ten years of waiting

After ten years of waiting for construction of the Eye tower, I think Rholding is a crook company which is directly owned by Ajman ruling family.

A13 emirates pearl

Shame to all of them no muslem rule is there in ajman .Ive paid 216k for nothing.wish them all cancer and dead.

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Rholding sucks royally

Rholding sucks royally. ..

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A very simple solution to

A very simple solution to the dead projects is to officially cancel them and liquidate their assets and return some money to the investors. Why is Rholding and it's puppet Arra just sleeping is beyond me.