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@SWEET HOMES;-Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel; Allah is Sufficient for me & He is the best disposer and justifier of all the deals

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Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel.
Allah is Sufficient for me, and He is the best disposer and justifier of all the deals; one may cheat other in this word; and can show his power on Poor; but one day sure has to face the justice of Allah;
A true Muslim understands very well that Allah alone is the Bestower and Witholder of Mercy, and He alone is the Remover of Harm and Affliction.
Sincerely waited a lot; Cheating in Islam | Islam strictly prohibits it; Cheating is one of the major evils of the society. It is because of this that many have been destroyed and some have even lost their lives. Although cheating sounds something very small, but the effect it leaves cannot be described. An entire family might die of hunger just because they were cheated. A person might lose all his wealth just because of cheating. One may lose his life just because he was cheated. A good Muslim doesn’t cheat others! If he does then he is not among us!
If not cheated? When was the completion date in the agreement? What is the agreed clause in the agreement? What was the agreed penalty clause for the delay? Refund of money at 6% extra? Where is the Lake? Where is Visa? Where are those false misleading information? Now asking to pay more for swap option?; to another dead project; Pay extra more than current market value? With anticipated date; received such false date more than 4 times; (From 2008 – 2018?; 1 Decade?); in almost 1 decade not the building the city is built ?
A good Muslim doesn’t cheat others! How long this will continue? There is a limit for all Where is all false misleading information “ A Promise” to attract the buyers?
I was Paying on time as per the Contract terms ! 80% Paid on time; as agreed? Now Who is the Cheater? Waited 8 Years is not enough;?
Where are those promises of 6% money return? Is this can be justified for those who paid on time not a single day delay in any of the payment; paid as agreed? if cannot be delivered than how come agreed ? Is his is not cheating? For law suit in court to pay extra almost 50% what paid so far? Wait for years to get the result? May Allah give us the guidance to follow His path until our last breath; May Allah curb the culprit’s Aameen !
“In the END Allah is sufficient for me;. In Him I have put my trust.“…He who fears Allah, He will find a way out for him, and will provide him sustenance from whence he never even imagined. Whoever puts his trust in Allah, He shall suffice him. Surely Allah brings about what He decrees; Allah has set a measure for everything.