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Swap your off-plan property for ready to move apartments

Its sad to know how people were made fool by investors in ajman and abudhabi and suprisingly they have still been paying the monthly instalments. However, you are offered to swap your off-plan property for ready to move aparments in dubai on 3-4 year payment plan and possession on 30%-50% of payment.FPSC is legally involved in swapping in dubai. The apartments are brand new and on easy instalment. THe best thing is that the money that you have paid will be deducted from the apartment's price and pay the rest of the money in 3-4 years.We have avaliablity in dubai Motor CIty ,Dubai SPorts city and Dubai Marina.
You can contact me at 055- 2943435 or

Swap your off-plan property for ready to move apartments

Dear or whoever the fucks you are, stop preying poor investors with false offers. If you are honest post your property and market price so that investors can deduct their investments and arrive at the purchase price. All you lecherous swappers do is offer unsold property at above market rates and reduce the rate slightly to dupe investors into thinking that they are swapping their dead investments. I hope some day angry crowds will pull you, the developers, and everyone else who have cheated us onto the streets and kick your butt till your brains flow out from your asshole. Yes, this is what investors like me feel.

Dear bechara, we understand

Dear bechara,
we understand that you have lost a fortune in the real estate business but then again you have paid for off-plan and any one who pays for off-plan property should be ready for such consequences. Unlike other swappers, we are not providing off plan to off-plan swapping rather off-plan to ready to move apartments. There is a big difference between it. Secondly, we will give the prices to those who are interested after checking the authenticity of their documents from the ARRA.. Wish you good luck for your quest !

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Beware of the Pakistani companies bearing gifts...

Dear sir, this is not a

Dear sir,
this is not a pakistani company. It is owned by Arab nationals and run by iranians. I guess you , yourself are an iranian-aren't you ?

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Shame on you as an Iranian

Sport city prices are around 350 to 400 per sq.ft.

fpsc , i domt think you

fpsc , i domt think you are serious bec u didnot reply to the e-mail i sent u with the adress u posted , i think ur plan is to sell emty units for higher prices than market raates , please if u are another speculator this not the place to fool more poeple already cheeted by developers and local authorities ,no one will spend more good money for bad options

Dear Sir, i replied to all

Dear Sir,
i replied to all the emails that came to me. I apologize if i couldnt reply you. Please send me the email again at the address i have mentioned. Hwever, we are not selling at high rates. These are ready to move apartments, semi furnished and customized according to the buyer's need.We are not fooling people since this company is owned by the locals and being a pakistani, m just an employee. Thats why i have been telling all my clients to visit the office rather than taking quotes from me over the net. Once you visit the office, check the company's profile and then think about investing. No one is forcing you to invest. Its your hard earned money and me or any one else has no right to force you or fool you.
Secondly, the rates are market rates and it may be a bittt high and thats because they are semi furnished and customized. If you dont want semi furrnished and customized apartments , the rates will ofcourse come down. We are legally involved in swapping and we have the approval from the dubai Government. I hope i solved all your queries. Still if any confusion, send me a mail and i will reply to it inshaaALLAH

Dear Mr. Hadi, As per the

Dear Mr. Hadi,

As per the conversation,please find the proposal below. We have adjusted your paid amount in the total amount of the apartment. Let me know if you are interested.

this what i got to swap my unit .....really funny .with this price i can buy 4 unit in Dubai .please forget it

BUYER'S NAME: Sukri Hadi
TOTAL AREA: 1230 Sq.Ft -
DATE: 3/20/2012
Selling Price: AED 901,100.00

to Mr. Hadi

Dear Mr. Hadi,
you are again confused the way you were when you mailed me.
Firstly, when i sent you the mail , you replied " really 1230 DH for sq2 .so cheap ??? with this price i can buy 4 unit .thanks so much for your attention "

Please read the proposal carefully before posting your comments.. i mentioned in my mail that it was 1230 SQ.FT and NOTTTTT 1230 DHS PRICE..
Secondly, According to the mail i sent you, i said that the selling price is AED 901,100.00 and after deducting your 200,000 AED , you were offered AED 701,100.00 .. so please please read your emails carefully. I offered you the price of AED 701,000 rather than 901,000 AED. this is not a professional way to deal with companies where you dont read your emails carefully and just tell others that we are giving high rates.
Anyway, it was nice dealing with you..good luck

FPCS - Seems Fraud

Thank you Sukri for posting the details.

They (Developers and Master developers) are still not happy of all the money they have cheated from the investors. They still want to suck the last bit of blood from the investors using different options and threats. (Swap, payment notices, termination threats & letters).
Shame on them. The rulers have lso turned a blink eye to this ongoing fraud & lawlessness.

Dear Mr. GCD Crook, According

Dear Mr. GCD Crook,
According to Mr. Sukri, he gave the wrong statements. Please read the reply i sent to Mr. Sukri. First he was confused when i sent him the area and he mistook it for the price per square feet. Second time i sent him he mistook the wrong price for the price of the apartment. Anyways, keep your dead money and dead apartment with you Mr Crook. You people are not going to get anything out of emirates city which is never going to be built. so in other words, its dead money for you. However, we are offereing you people developer's price but if its not affordable for you, well and good. THe prices were a bit high because the apartments were customized and semi furnished.If you dont need semi furnished apartments and customization (according to the client's choice ) we will ofcourse, reduce the price. As Mr. Hadi told, 1bhk in sports city for 700,000DHS is the best price you will get after swapping your amount. Anyhow, the choice is yours after all. Happy Hunting :)

FPCS - Seems Fraud

Thank you FPCS for the options given to the investors. The investos would not like to be cheated any more, i.e. to invest good money to recover bad money or dead money as you called in your email. As you admitted in your above post that the price is higher then the market.
With AED 700,000, I can easly buy 3 ready Apartments in International City ( 1 B/R) and rent it out instead of having the sports city swap deal.

the prices are higher because

the prices are higher because the apartments are furnished and customized. you dont expect us to give you furnished and customized apartments in sports city for the market price. Please dont compare international city with the sports city. Sports city is the place for executives to live. Ofcourse, the rent will also be much much higher than international city.Anyways the desicion is yours ofcourse. take care.

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You are barking under a wrong tree. Take your executive apts. and swap with some of those investors who are stuck with crooks like you namely Almasah international.

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Fortune Homes change their business

Hi all
Fortune Homes change their business to make investors fool, they r frauds and they transferred to Almasah without informing investrs. Almasah,3G Real estate, RH and ARRA all r robbers and cheater. Don't trust any of them. When u call one of them they ask u to go to the other as they r not responsible. God will punish them.


belive me we will not get anything .with Arab where is no low just for there citzen we have no chance to get nothing .i am sure about that and hope that i am wrong .its simply the reality atherweiss they can solve our proplem in simple just to sell the land belong to devloper and can share the mony to investores or the goverment if they have allready the land can build the building and can give it to investoren .but they dont wont it .maybe even one one UAE are involed that he took our money .therefore i have really no hope to get our money back .its just matter of time we all have to excpt that we loss our money forever .

Dear client,

i dont understand that what is the problem when we are adjusting your amount and giving you ready to move apartments at MARKET'S PRICE. Then what is the issue about. Why do u people keep on saying that we are fraud when we are giving you APARTMENT IN MARKET PRICE and also taking your dead money investment. You have the choice ofcourse. Either keep that dead money with your dead apartment for ever or swap it with ready to move apartments in dubai and deduct your paid amount. I am saying again, ITS MARKET PRICEEEE...its not goot to keep on talking or blaming others without checking the company first. Who ever has the doubts can come to the company, take an offer and still if we are not giving you the market price and adjusting your paid amount , then keep on writing on these forums about us.. but its gunnah to say bad about someone without checking them first. God Help You !!!

Our rates

Giving out prices is not an issue for us since we are giving market rates. Please find the rates below.
Please keep in mind that we do not adjust credit of more than 250,000Dhs in one apartment.

Motor City - 600dhs/sq.ft
Sports City - 650Dhs/Sq.ft
Dubai Marina - 1000Dhs/Sq.ft

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His Rates

This is an ad from gulf news.You decide..It is around 311 per sq ft.
Apartment For Sale: R01131, Champion Tower 2

AED 311,000

RESIDENTIAL Apartment for Sale >> United Arab Emirates >> Dubai >> Dubai Land >> Dubai Sports City >> Champion Tower 2: 1 bedroom Builtup/Net Area - 939SqF, for more information call: Irfan Ahmed (M)00971555464921, (W)+97143311360, Or email:,,

Swap to dubai

I have emailed you but you did not reply

Please send me your details

Please send me your details with contact number at

Dear Shan Khan

Please send me your contact details with the details of your investments at i will make sure that i reply you inshALLAH

Dear Akhibani

Please find the rates in motor city as per the link below. You will see that the rates in sports city is more than 700Dhs WITHOUT SWAPPING. however , we are providing 650 DHS per sq. ft WITH SWAPPING still you people are not happy.

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1 bed Elite Sports Residence.Dubai Sports City.
AED 460,000
Residential for Sale ‪>‪ Apartment for Sale
12th April 2012
Size: 920 SqFt
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Price / SqFt: 500.0 AED

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Gulf news usually has the prices closer to reality.If I had an apt in sportcity I would list it at 2000 per sq. ft in dubizzle so you can not just pick a high priced ad and say this is the price.

Dear Akhiabani,I don't want

Dear Akhiabani,
I don't want to indulge in an argument over the rates whose base of discussion is wrong. Alright, for instance, i accept your argument that its 500 per sq.ft in sports city according to the gulf news (as you said) but then it is WITHOUT WITHOUT WITHOUT swapping. We are providing 650Dhs/sq.ft with swapping and adjusting your already paid amount in the past. How can you built up your argument on a fake base then. The whole point is about swapping. Whats the use if someone is providing you an apartment for 500dhs/sq.ft and is not adjusting your paid money. We are here to help you people. Still i dont understand why are you soo pessimistic.

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RE Swapping

You have raised the price 150 dhs/sq or more just for swapping.WHAT IS THE POINT? So the investor will lose what they have paid in emiratescity(which we will eventually get back) and buy an unwanted, overpriced unit.These are my facts and investors are the final deciders.


See,here he is caught red handed. Why you have raised 150dhs/sq for swapping. Here you are deceiving the investors more than those developers did. At that time the investors were naive, but not any more, now the investors want to investigate and will not be caught in that web of yours. Can you tell me why have you raised the price and still arguing that it is the market price . It is definitely not the market price, so please stop telling lies.

when did i raise the price

when did i raise the price ??? its not me saying that its 500dhs per sq.ft in sports city as said by akhiabani.. please check the links the posted above from dubizzle. The rate is more than 700dhs per sq. ft. Please stop saying that we are caught red handed n bla bla.. We are giving away at market price. The market changes and so is the prices. Right now the market price is more than 700Dhs per. sq ft. We are adjusting your DEAD MONEY and giving away for even less. However, if you are so serious, you can check the market of the sports city directly from the developers like gigico , First Group , Sports city etc... It is baseless to check the prices on dubizzle and gulfnews. Those are distress deals and RESELLING apartments. WE ARE NOTTTT RESELLING APARTMENTS. These are brand new apartments. CHeck from the developer and the market. I told you before that the market is around 700 DHs per sq. ft in sports city. Please check the links above. However, we are not forcing you to invest. Its your choice. If you want to go for it , well go for it then.Otherwise, its your money, your investment and YOUR LOSS.. I dont think that the investors who have run away will pay you a cent again. Still keep your fingers crossed and ALLAH help you !!!

Ajman swab

You said your apartments are brand new and with market price, so how come they are still hanging in the air for so long and no body is giving a second look . The gulf ads are not all distress ads, they are the ones that give the idea what is the actual price.I would rather have a reselling apt with the maket price. If you have reselling apt, then please let us know and keep yourr brand new apt for some royals.

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Dear fpsc

Can u please tell me the swap option for me as I have invested in FR in EC.
And paid 85%(about 246000) for 1 bd. If ur price r good other investors will also join, but first check the market price! Thnx

Dear umahmed..please provide

Dear umahmed..please provide me with your email address or send an email to with your details so that i can send you the payment plan.

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You have had lots of free ads for your company.It is time for you to pack your bags and go find suckers in another universe.There is and will not ever be a good swap as long as there are vampires like you trying to suck hopeless investors blood.

Anyway..its your opinion. it

Anyway..its your opinion. it really hurts to see how you people are trying to ruin other people's life too just with aggresive thoughts in your mind. Anyhow ALLAH BLESS YOU.

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What I write is what I think personally.I have no intention of ruining other people's life unlike crooks like you and ajman rulers and those fake hajis at stargiga and so on.... I always thought that there was some good in every human being but somehow that is missing in this banana republic where every one is worshiping derhams and to get more they will lie and cheat innocent people.....
May my allah bless you and the rest of the crooks with a lot of pain and suffering and misery for the rest of their miserable life.Enshalah...