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Suggest your ideas for new poll

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Dear users,
Please submit your suggestion for a new poll in this forum by adding a comment below this post.


suggestion for new poll?
Who is the biggest cheater?
- R Holding
- Property Agencies
- Both of them

Cheers :)

Suggestion for new poll

Name and shame the thieves who robbed our money from the E/C Ajman project.
The Ruler of Ajman
R holding
The uae bank
The developer
All of them

Suggestion for new poll: How the robbers would be punished?

How the robbers would be punished in different parts of the world and different customs:

1) Imprisonment with hard labour
2) Fine (including refund to all investors) & confiscation of held property
3) International court proceedings (similar to that of mass murderers)
4) Public flogging
5) Scot free after colluding with authorities
6) Verbal warning
7) Police / public chasing them with bamboo sticks

new poll suggestions

What is the current status of your Ajman investment?

1) Swapped to another property in Dubai
2) Swapped to another property in Ajman
3) Swapped to another property in other emirate
4) Waiting for developer to finish property
5) Received a full refund from the developer
6) Received a partial refund from the developer
7) Given up!

Poll for developers

There could be a separate poll for the developers in this site. The proposed poll could be as to why the developer is refusing to refund after non-compliance in meeting the contract completion date. And why the developer and its allies are at present not capable of providing the infrastructure and the top class facilities promised. Possible reasons for choice for the developer could be

1) want to grab money as the amounts involved are huge,
2) feeling that the authorities could side with them
3) previous experience of grabbing money in other businesses in their own country,
4) First want to collect as much money as possible from investors and then run away, as some who have already done.
5) Other justified reason (.....state clearly) for the poll.