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Stargiga's shocking response

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I was shocked to get an email from those crooks.
For Business vistas payments, I am being offered a one bedroom in dreams B at 400 aed per Sq ft which is ridiculous since nobody is buying them at 250 aed and completing date of Dec 2018.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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you have almost 100% chance

you have almost 100% chance to win the case, as the construction not even started, right ? .....tell them not to be more greedy ..... the market price of GCD 1 tower B is around aed 250 /sq ft. if you pay around aed 450, you may get an apartment @ corniche tower !

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my reply was no thanks

My reply was no thanks would like my money back.
Thanks to you I am in contact with al Salim advocates but regarding Chapal...Few more months of waiting to see what the decree from the big crooks is about...


Just for info. The 2008 price for the same unit was 380 dirhams per sq feet. So basically in 8 years they are asking for an extra 20 dirhams per sq ft!

My friend bought 2 units in the first GCD tower in approx 2007. It is in a more central Ajman position. It has been let out for the last 9 years(each one that is). He gets at least £400 per month if I can recall. He was one of the lucky ones and those units are now selling for 80k resale but not many people are letting them go to be honest as the rental yield is acceptable.

Stargiga address

Are they still in the market?
Where is their location in UAE ?

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yes they are and their office

yes they are and their office located at the site only i think tower "D", Address: Plot No.C06, Goldcrest Dreams Tower, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd,Emirates City - Ajman
Phone: 04 367 9292