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selling my appartment

Hi every body
I have 3 bed flat in paradise lakes B7
I want to sell it.

any reasonable offer will be accepted

any reasonable offer will be accepted

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For sale Goldcrest Dreams A 930 sq. ft

I have one bed + study apartment 930 sq ft. paid AED 162K, ready to sell it on that price. Builder is promising to hand over in december 2016.

I want to buy

What is total price

see ur email

see ur email

people stop dreaming and

people stop dreaming and calm down and forget this money for another 5-10 years , nobody will pay anything in ghost city last visit 2 months back it looks like bopal in india or chernobel in russia ! only dunes of trash and dust , for completed projects current price 200 dirhms/foot . it is big trap .

can u explain the selling in that

price ?
what u mean by BIG TRAP

Handover will not be before one year more

Handover will not be before one year more, last week i went to last floor to check the finishing but still there is no doors no kitchens ,,,,, so atlest one year more



thank 4 all

thank you all who responded to my post