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Savannah tower

Savannah tower , is belong to company called GBS holding any one know where are they located in Dubai i have theri number but no response ..043297341...

Savanah Towers Ajman

Does anyone know what is the update on that project. I used to inquire about this project with Tariq at but no more response coming in any more.

Please keep me in the loop guys if y'all wanna take some action as a team.

Mustafa Azhar
Houston Texas
713 338 1143

Savannah Tower

They are operating with new name called instead of GBS Group Holding. GSS was a part of GBS Groupholding. They have headquarter in Dubai and sub offices in Germany, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudia Arabia, Malaysia and Pakistan. I am trying to get 3scworld address in US so you can drag them in US court because in UAE there is no justice system. I am based in Norway.

Latest About Savannah

I was in Dubai about 3 month ago and i went to R holding and discussed about Savannah tower.
they offered me some apartments to swap in lilies tower in very unacceptable price and some in Ajman one with almost same price.
also they told me that they are going to construct E.C in two phase and Savannah tower is in second phase and they dont know when it will be start to complete.
so i went to Arra to find out the solution and they told me that the only way out of swap plan, is legal action.
what is your suggestion? have u done any legal action?
what is your latest info?
Ramin Mansourian

akhiabani's picture

Second phase for our grand children maybe

They are just no good for nothing petty thieves and crooks...

Does anyone has an update for Savannah tower

Please contact me, or even let's have all the people here who invested in that tower so we can take some legal action properly. I have made full payment of 425,000 AED for my apartment with a covered parking space since 2007. I purchased it for my family so we could make a living in Dubai since they were offering "Residential Permits" and that's what admired me at that time too.

Thanks for helping each other out!

Name: Mohammad Mustafa Azhar
Cell # 1 713.338.1143