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Rules of Virtual Community

A. Standards of the virtual community:

We should notice to some scales as following for economical using of the available host sapce and harmony of contents.

  • The size of images you will send to the gallery: 640 x 480 px, The size of images: Max 200 kb.

    Although you can send the bigger or smaller images.

  • Font size: Max 4 (14 px) just in the headers.
  • Name of image files: [plot/plots code]_[date]_[number]; i.e. d01_15-08-2007_1 or c06-c09_15-08-2007 .

B. Regulations of the virtual community 

1. No advertising is allowed on the forums, blogs, etc. the listings section is just for personal use and not for real estate advisers.
Linking to other forums or similar websites will not be tolerated. It can hit the traffic of this website the the quality and quantity of contents in long-term.
The administration team is ready to prepare every tool which members required in this website or etc.

2. Keep the focus: Questions outside the scope of a certain forum will either be moved or simply be deleted. So, Choose the most suitable forum.

3. Choose the most suitable tools of this virtuall hall for your issues. i.e. Don't send the images to forums. Don't send the news and stories to the forums, you can add to your blogs and discuss about in the forums.

4. Citation: When you insert an article of other resources like newspapers, you should insert the name of resource and date of publishing etc.


If you have any further questions or suggestions about the above rules, feel free to contact us or discuss in the administration forums.