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Rholding's main business plan

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Is Rholding's main business plan stealing the investor's money???

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Rholding crooks

It is disgusting to steal investor's money for a project that there was no intention of building.
There is no difference between you and a low life who pick pockets on the streets


Dear investors,

honest advise from real estate and litigation lawyer expert in UAE laws, the reality behind if you can recover your money from the developer depends on does the developer still existing in UAE and has any assets or monies in UAE?

if the answer is (yes) so it is good new and you can recover your money along with simple compensation through the legal solution by court or arbitration and court.

if the answer is (no) then it is not good news, if the developer is not available in the country any more then the legal solution will not help you because after you get many win judgments at end of the day you will not get anything just more loss to pay for lawyers and for court fees.

if you need any assistance send me email;

Lilies Tower

Any one have any updates on Lilies Tower

They have a lot of buildings

They have a lot of buildings here. R Holdings can not go anywhere lol!