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request to admin / members opinion

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> just wondered if a permanent thread could be started where members could share their legal experience or laws regarding ajman realty. this thread may in future serve as a reference point for those who want to go legal against their developers. maybe we could even from our members who have a legal background ask them to compare laws regarding property in other mature markets.
> the benefits for this will be that it will definitely create awareness among the investors for their rights ( yeah in present scenario is laughable but they do have rights).
> secondly you dont have to repeatedly answer someone for similar procedures.
> thirdly maybe can share experience with a particular lawyer or allow a particular lawyers to post ads offering their services and rates (maybe we can charge them and finally have that emirates city investors party)
> just a thought see if it is workable.

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The new thread is added to

The new thread is added to the forum.
You can find it as sub threat of Law and Regulations.
The threat is named sub "forum" in this website.