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Rent contract authentication

I live outside UAE and i need to know if any one authenticated the rent contract with his tenant recently to show me how can be done as they changed the process to be online process but when i tried to fill the form there is mandatory field for Emirates ID details which i dont have as well for item no 5 (No Objection Letter from the General Organisation for Real Estate Investment) this should i get from Best options or from where , thanks in advance for your advice

The below copied form Tasdeeg website

1-Request from the Lease Contracts Division
2-Three copies of lease contract for residential purposes
3-Identity documents / Emirates Identity cards for both parties
4-Copy of the landlord's title deed
5-Ownership of apartments in towers/ No Objection Letter from the General Organization for Real Estate Investment
6-Copy of the commercial license for companies and institutions

Rent NOC you need to get from

Rent NOC you need to get from RHolding in Ajman; once you visit they provide ready made paper with stamp.
rest all I think need to approach personally to Ajman municipality to get an authentication nothing goes in online
or you have to authorize your known person or agency to do this work on your behalf

thanks ADITHA for usual help