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Progress report of plots D1 and D2

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dwaresh wrote on 18th Aug :

Yesterday evening I Visited Site, since it was too dark I could not visited the complete area of the Emirates city, just general informations are as under :
1. Excavation completed (After pilling ) for Lilies tower-D2, block work 85% completed looks reasonable progress since last 1 month... Raft level is possible by month end... Its sign board placed and can be visible from Emirates road.
2. Excavation under progress for Levender tower-D1 (After pilling), sign board already placed facing Emirates road.
3. For Both R-holding project contract awarded to ABU SEIF BIDG. CONT. CO., they are setting up office near to the site, approx 40 workers are at site but they are facing shortage of manpower, some 400 worker will join the site shortly.

I will try to visit in day time during this week to source complete details of the emirates city.