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Private Message System (PMS) launched

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Dear all friends,
I added a new tool to our community.
It allows to members to send private messages to each other.

- read/write/delete messages
- reply to message with quoting
- new messages support (block and page)
- folders
- pruning
- contact list
- option to get mail if you have unread messages

Refer to the left side menu and click on "My inbox".

Thanks :)


I 2 Ajman's picture

I clicked my in-box.... and

I clicked my in-box.... and it said Access Dinied
Maybe the facility is not enabled yet?

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Dear I 2 Ajman, Thanks, Yes

Dear I 2 Ajman,
Thanks, Yes I didn't have set the access control to this module.
Now it's accessible for all members.

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