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Positive news for EC

Positive news for EC

1. Sign boards at interchange exit and near EC entrance have been installed.
2. Electrical sub station is progressing at good pace. Scaffolding from front has been removed. Main transformer installation is already done.. Boundary wall is almost complete.
3. Construction of park between B and C rows is going on slowly. Laborer residences have been demolished and leveling of ground between B and C rows is going on ( very slow progress but continuously going on)


psitive really

yes that is really positive. we need to know the expected date for substation to be ready. same for water supply. there is a plan to widen the road inside EC from entrance till the roundabout, and maybe till B Row. i hope they think of new exit toward the Alhelio Park and the university.

Thanking you for your

Thanking you for your information to Mr Drirfanorth; when do you expect to EB connection from Government and how about the water connection.

Expected completion date of

Expected completion date of Grid station is around April 2018. But still there is no news about the water supply. I agree with Mr MHMD, exit road is also a major problem.