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Paying Maintenance Fees to whom ?

Dear all

i have due amount (maintenance fees) i want to pay for my flat in paradise lake towers (B 6) but the issue one of the member posted earlier in this forum saying all maintenance fees going forward should be paid directly to escrow account that circulated in the ARRA Ajman letter and not to Best Options so i need to make sure i am paying to the right account and if any one make any recent payment regarding maintenance fees can advise us and clear our confusion and there are a lot if confusions regarding this issue

thanks in advance for you advice

pay to escrow account ONLY

Escrow Account Number is mentioned in a poster next to life in G floor in all 3 towers B5, B6, and B9. you can find all the details in the poster by (ARRA). NO CASH PAYMENT TO BEST OPTIONS AT ALL

thanks MHMD

Also i will be thankful for sharing the escrow account detail and all other realted details posted by ARRA as i live outside UAE

Paying Maintenance Fees to Whom?

Hi All,

Please can someone tell me who are the Owners Associations as I have not had any communication from them also what is happening to the Maintenance fees, what is the amount, where does it need to be deposited and how has this amount been forecasted.

What balance is remaining with Best Options/Sweet Homes.

Maintenance fee

I asked Best Options whom to pay the maintenance fee. Should i pay to them or to deposit in the escrow account. They told me it is the same, if you deposit in account or pay directly to us. We are receiving and utilizing the amount in the escrow account.

Maintenance fees

i don't think nobody will give an answer to your question, that's my experience. You make payments as and when require but cant ask questions. Accounts are never audited nor shown to apartment owners. So whether you pay to escrow or best options, it makes no difference , money reaches the destination they decide. We are nothing but glorified tenants.


Owner Association is there but powerless. not because they are bad, but because ARRA is not supporting them. maintenance fee is kept as it was before (4 DHS per sqft). guys, i mentioned this many times before. NEVER PAY CASH TO BEST OPTION. i hope it is a clear statement. there is a HUGE difference between paying to Escrow Account or to pay Cash to Best Option. they are laying that there is no difference, NO there is a difference. the difference is that Owner Association can Monitor all the expenses of the building if payments are deposited in the bank. but if paid to Best option in CASH, then we can not track this money. Best options are just taking money for no reason, and if you pay to them directly then you are helping them in this


I hope nobody will ask again to whom we shall pay

Facility Management Charges

Dear MHMD,

Who will issue the receipt for payments made to ADCB escrow accounts paid online? Is it necessary to send the Bank
confirmation to Best options for receipt.


contact the bank

i am not sure of this but i think you can either deposit the check at the bank and get the receipt at the same time, or contact the bank to see if E-receipt is ok. you can also call ARRA. thx

Audit the service charges account

As per limited information and knowledge and how we deal with service charges accounts here in London. Every managing agent is required to keep all the receipts and payment record of each and every block separately. On an annual basis the record should be available for inspection by tenants or tenant association.

Whatever service charges we owners pay to Best Options, they are taking some of it as a management fee, i.e. if we are paying AED100,000 p.a. the management fee would be % of this payment and this % should have been decided well in advance. The remaining amount after management fee would be used for electric/payroll/repairs etc. All these payments and receipt should be vouch-able and no one has the right to refuse the owners or owners association.

Unfortunately all these apartment blocks in whole UAE have been built without having proper laws and even if there are any laws if is difficult to make a s case due to cost involved.