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New Rholding board up at emirates city

displays: "It will only grow BIGGER next time you pass by" referring to the Emirates City project.

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Grow Bigger

Sounds like Rholding has been spending our money on lots of Viagra instead of construction.......


lol - you have right.

I have called last monday R Holding and ask them to explain me the cancelation steps. The "graceful" lady has hanged up immediately the phone after she heard the word CANCELATION.
My appeal to R Holding and the Ajman goverment is just: Shame on your business!!


where is the list

where is the list for cancelled projects dont fool people by displaying such board dont waste your time and dont waste ours .

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Canceled list

Even if by miracle Arra comes up with the list, The developers of canceled projects will try to swap to lavender or lilies at 500 per sq.feet..
We have to file cases...

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Cancellation List

Good Idea @ akhiabani

R Holding new hoarding

The new writing on the wall "It will only grow bigger ..." is perhaps R Holding's way of communicating with investors in Emirates City project, now that they have failed to deliver a single tower despite the passage of six years from launch. It is time to encourage Abu Dhabi's The National newspaper to investigate the fate of the project and what R Holding's plans are regarding consolidation, swapping, refund, penalty, delivery, infrastructure etc.

Emirates City

I only wish it was a commitment to do something!
Build it, cancel it or swap it. Just do something and communicate with us. Those of us that are left that is.
There must be somebody with a business head on in this country, thousands of empty properties coming to the market with no end users. Its madness.
Finish our properties, give us our money back or swap for something else.
How difficult is it?


unite for refund

unite together refund with profit that is the only acceptable option for investors WHAT growth are they talking about?there is no project there is no thing no infrastructure no water no power.investors united for refund thats the only goal and mission.

Emirates City

I couldn't agree more with Rog's remark: "There must be somebody with a business head on in this country, thousands of empty properties coming to the market with no end users. Its madness." I fear R Holding's business plan is to keep some kind of construction going so that people cannot take them to court demanding refund, but at the same time not to invest too much of money or resources in it that will put a strain on its finances. It is a known fact by now that there are no takers for the millions of towers being handed over in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so the demand for new property in a northern emirate like Ajman is anybody's guess. I suppose for both R Holding and Sweet Homes, "no communication" policy is the best policy in this situation.

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ARRA is a prostitute.......and R-Hondings is the Pimp!
Don't expect anything from them. Its only that they want your money!

Invitation to all who invested in Goldcrest Dreams 4u

I am going to file a legal case against stargiga since the time is over now and not even single phase is ready on the said project.Kinldy send me your names/ emails and unit number with paid amount on the above project and I will contact you indvidually to discuss on the procedure and to give you confidence on the move. my email address is

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i have a flat @ GCD 1. call

i have a flat @ GCD 1. call me on 0507978123 and let us discuss !

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Cancellation List

I booked an Apartment in October 2006 in Lillie's Tower.
Had made 3 years regular payments which were required before possession.
I visited R Holdings 3 times in last three years.On my each visit or every time I communicate with them,they give me a new date for possession.Laughingly when I visited their office in October 2011 they said final date is September 2012, if you keep on paying monthly installments & also missing installments at the time of possession.I told them it is not possible as the Agreement is very clear that balance is due payable after possession in 3 years time.They handed me a letter for reduced monthly installment and advised the completion date as End 2012.So in 10 minutes of the meeting, time of completion was further delayed by 3 months.Its all look suspicious.
I sent them a Legal Notice a year ago but they do not bother to reply.I live in United Kingdom and communicating with them is a big headache.I am now planning to go further through a lawyer.
I need someone's guideline on this matter please.