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need Help

Dear All
Please see attached Contract and advise me: Royal Lake Front Tower, Plot CB11 its name has been changed what the name of new tower. I have approached the ARRA several time but nothing. My contracts mean nothing, I bought a invisible apartments. so sorry for such irresponsible government agency.

Thank you all & regards

Looks Good!

I did a bit internet search for your project, well the project does not belongs to 'Emirates City' area, but it belongs to Emirates City "Extension Project" known as EMIRATES LAKES TOWERS, a land just next to lavender tower.

Project Image :
Project Link:
SkyScrapper :

BLB Properties website is hacked but still you can see the older working version

So the project is not ghosted. its still there, just try again with ARRA with proper information.
ARRA should reply to every single project, but it seems they are more focused on Emirates City only.

psst: most of ARRA officials also have no idea whats happening and what they are working for.