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lilies tower

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hi again
does anyone buy unit in lilies tower ?
i am waiting to knew my neighbor.

Lilies Tower

Someone has the information about this project?
In fact, the house is ready and it is necessary to register the documents?

It is clear that you have to

It is clear that you have to get your apartment r house to be registered with ARRA and Land Dept of Ajman municipality if not how can you claim that it is your house, it is wide rule applicable to all over country
apart from above, have you paid full amount to developers as this is first step to complete before you proceed with registration.
hope this clarify
reg., renting to apartment - first you have to provide NOC to agency along with all the proofs that you own this apartment in your name?
all are clear if you call to your developer

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Lilies tower handover

Lilies tower handover maybe Jan 2016...

Lilies Tower Handver

Anyone get handover in Lilies Tower ??

What is news for handover of Lilies

What is news for handover of LIIES
People are staying there or NOT yet??

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i spoke with the site

i spoke with the site engineer last week, he said they are still waiting for the civil defense inspection !

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Lilies tower Handover

Hello Everyone,
Have you taken the handover? i visited their office 3 days back. As per R holding, there is a new law from ARRA for those who purchased the apartment without parking, they have to buy one now. Moreover there are few extra charges as well approx 15k for dewa n drainage connection. Price might increase from 15k upto 23k. at the moment it is not occupied & its working on generator.

for those are on off plan (Installments) they still can rent out i guess, coz i am one of those ;)

Would like to check on updates on ur end. Lets connect on Whatsapp. +971507880077


it is 1500 for electricity

it is 1500 for electricity connection not 15 k.
aed 3500 deposit and they will refund when there is power here in a year and half.
take heart and get your apartment in hand. don't lose money paid. we have got ours even if late. you will too.

Thanks Kashif What about

Thanks Kashif
What about paradise lake apartments which we have paid more and the present market value are lesser than what I have paid
How to proceed with this and anyone has any plan to sort out this issues
Dear all Forum members
Please share your views

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Sorry dear i have no info

Sorry dear i have no info about lake apartments. i am one of the owner in Lilies tower.

paradise lake towers

which tower have you paid in ? I shall find out for you. I am living in my apartment and rates will go up. Its a great location right on emirates road.
do not give up. pursue like I did.

Flat area

Hi Jetley,

What is the area of your apartment in agreement and what's the actual area when measured? Would like to know the differnce. Pls. Update .
Thank in advance.

it is the same 1195 sq ft vs 1194 sq ft

I have no issues

lavender tower sewerage

Hi All
Owners and residents of lavender tower and Paradise lake towers pls let me know about how the sewerage and sanitation is conducted in the towers.
I came to know there is some issue with toilet flush in lavender and garbage chute in paradise lake it still persistent or sorted ? Pls also let me know if anyone of you have any idea on Lilies handover ?? I want to buy 1bed apartment in either lavender or Lilies..but i want a rented one. Pls guide through my queries.

Paradise Lakes

No issues with sanitation and sewerage.
Buildings are kept clean and maintainence is very prompt.

A lot of families are living here and very happy.
They need to organise the electricity and water charges and I m certain that will be sorted soon too.

flats are renting and reselling fast and price per square foot is going up very quickly.

Lavender Tower - I am not sure about as when i visited the tower's supermarket I saw the building dirty and not maintained also there was a fire in the parking lot where the supermarket is.
To my mind PARADISE LAKES is a much better option.
They have recently put flood lights on each Tower where residents are living and are also doing the roads.

I live there so I know.

Thanks @ jetley What would

Thanks @ jetley
What would be the cost of a 1 bedroom apartment ? what rent can I expect ?

25 k atleast I suggest you

25 k atleast I suggest you advertise free on directly don't go through Best Options or an unknown real estate co. Best Options is part of SH. They have I hears also taken rent n not informed some owners. Handle your own rentals unless you hv access to good property dealers. The dealer sitting in lavender tower is worst.

Jetley Thanks for your

Thanks for your valuable suggestion, I am too your neighbor but still not taken possession; preparing for balance payments for get possession, could please tell me about 811 in B6 status I am eager to hear from you or something happened?

Lilies is Ocupied or NOT yet

What is news for handover of Lilies
People are staying there or NOT yet??

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Lilies tower

I am from lilies tower
I do not have news
I am waiting for handover yet's picture

lilies tower


please advice how is lilies tower for living with families

Lilies is Ocupied or NOT yet

People are staying there or NOT yet??

Any body got the handover -

Any body got the handover - Lilies is Occupied or NOT yet


Any body got the handover - Lilies is Occupied or NOT yet

Any body got the handover - Lilies is Occupied or NOT yet

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The mystery of Lilies tower

The mystery of the lilies tower continues!!!
I emailed best option real estate thinking they will know but no reply yet!!!

The mystery of the lilies tower continues!!!

and we have already paid annual maintenance fee starting from Feb-2016 and still we can not rent or stay

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Why and why would you

Why and why would you pay those fees without having keys in your hands???

keys are already with me but

keys are already with me but as per R Holding flats are not liveable

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Lilies is not liveable???

We are talking about an Ajman ruling family owned company as a developer and master developer collecting all the money including the fees which are supposedly for general upkeep of the common areas of the tower in advance and handing you the keys and then telling you that by the way your not liveable.
That's bull.... Shame on them.
By the way why aren't they liveable? Walls are falling?

Lilies is not liveable???

and if we were not paying the annual maintenance back in Feb-2016 that they were threatening to impose delay penalties.

No liveable is the terms used by R-Holding when replying the quarries



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Sooo is anyone living in lilies yet?

Sooo is anyone living in lilies yet?

Not yet

Not yet


Lilies Tower will be ready very soon.....

Lilies is handedover or NOT Yet?

any one get his flat?

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Any news of lilies handover?

Any news of lilies handover?

it is done already

it is done already. more than a month ago... people are living there now

Any one knows what will

Any one knows what will happen to A14 &A13 ?
How can we get our money back?'s picture

im looking lilies tower in rent

salam to all
im interesting for flat in rent in lilies tower please advice me hows it for families how much electricity bill can expected in one month. with in a week i have to take house please advice