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Lawyers with experience in EC legal disputes

Dear members, I will be grateful for sharing some lawyers contact numbers for whose have experience or won some lawsuits against developers in Emirate city and I think many lawyers now have gained experiences in this area where hundreds of investors suffered and passed through tough and hard times and took some legal actions against the developers to get back their money and their life time savings .

You can share here or send to my e-mail

Thanks in advance for your help as urgently I need legal point of view for my case to see and decide what shall I do .

Best regards

Hi, all still waiting your help

Please i will be thankful for sending me the lawyer names as mentioned earlier for whose already dealt and took legal actions against EC developers

Please share here or send in my above e-mail

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In my personal opinion

In my personal opinion at this point in game any lawyer will win the case. My problem is coming up with upfront payments for lawyer and filing fees but waiting for more info from the member who did all with only 18000 aed.

Thanks akhiabani

The court fees i think 7.5% out of the total claim for lawyers fees i do not know if some one give us roughly figure other questions how long court will take to give verdict i know it differs from case to another but also knowing roughly or average time will be helpful and you said we waiting other other members to share lawyers contact numbers and their experiences in EC.

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I do hope that

I do hope that Arab Knight 7 will let us know if he got his money in few days....

Hi All..

My money is also stuck with sweet homes and I visited them atleast 30 times but they do not answer properly and they said that the amount is in escrow account and they cannot take it out from there. Can anyone give me any right suggestion or may be lawyers information so that I can get my money back from these people.

Hi, FD

I Got some lawyer contact number won a case in EC please send your e-mail to send it

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if it's possible to

If it's possible to post the attorneys contact info here for all of us please.

Thanks Abu Sajid

Thank you very much for your reply! my email is . I'll look forward to your email. Regards, FD

lawyers contact number

Dear Abu Sajid
Hi, would you please send me the contact information of some lawyers that you know are involved in EC. My E mail is

lawyer contact info

this lawyer contact info that own case against developer in EC



If owner of flat pass away,who will be the owner? As I remember I did not give nominee name anywhere.

Personal Law

All likewise transactions would be as per the Personal and Family Law of the concerned person , for example for Muslims it will be Shariaa Law and for others it will in accordance with thier Personal Law

Venice tower B18

Hi , I have a unit in Venice tower , got it through Northern Emirates property , I appreciate any updates from other members regarding Venice tower or the developer , if you got any of your money back and how?

Thank you in advance

lawyers contact information

Dear Abu Sajid
Hi, would you please send me the contact information of some lawyers that you know are involved in EC cases. My E mail is