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Investors are winning

Investors are now winning. Its the robber group of developers that have have become exposed and will apologize. Honesty, justice and fairplay is never defeated. The whole world is witnessing it. Dont forget Almighty God is seeing everything. Even one single investor will not lose his money and no one will give up. It is the cheaters and their agents who will give up and get on with life.

Yer but Emirates city won`t

Yer but Emirates city won`t get build and nobody will get their money back,ALLAH will judge them.Eternity in the hell fire for them.

Yes Emirates city will

Yes, if Emirates city won't get built, all the investors will get back their money. Allah will judge them. In the world also they will be judged. And before going to hell fire they will first have return the money they have taken. Eternity will come later

Thief running needs a mob

Its is the cheater developers who will fail miserably, as all cheaters in the world have failed always. These cheaters need to get on with life. These cheaters shall accept loss and shame, as they have become naked and caught by the investors. These cheater developers need to accept their fate that they cannot run away with investors money. I remember in my childhood days, while watching from my building window, I saw a thief steal money and running away on the streets and a small group chases him. The thief is caught and the mob thrashes him with blows on the face, mouth, stomach and legs. the police is called, strips him and takes him to jail. These were the old days. Todays thieves are running away with cheques and cash ( after giving receipt to the investors). They will not succeed.

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