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HELLO ALL ... Hope you all well, I'm sorry to hear about this devastating fire, PLZ can anyone inform us of where is actually this fire? Is this fire inside Emirates City Projects? Anybody Hurts?
Can everyone with information please participate...
Thanks guys

Before you writing this

Before you writing this message why can not you check with newspaper?
Very strange
the fire gutted in Ajman one towers not in Emiratescity towers

oh! Okay then ..

oh! Okay then ..

But still guys, that huge

But still guys, that huge blaze in AJMAN ONE TOWERS raises too many questions!!!
1- Who will compensate the affected people who lost their belonging and likelihood?
2- Why the Municipality of Ajman approves such flammable materials (fire-resistance) for outside cladding?
3- Who can you sue for damages and loss?
4- Who will be held accountable?
5- Does the Insurance system compensate for damages?
6- Does the people affected have Insurance?

I tell you what guys, this is bloody serious, as it appears this is the third serious incident in less than a year!!
You'd wanna be seriously concerned over the code of constructions and materials used!!

Ajman will be a best place to live


Let the authorities to learn from these grave mistakes and don't repeat them for their future planning.
Emirates City is a bigger development and should have been planned in a better way. Ajman one has only a few towers and in the city of Ajman itself whereas Emirates City would have around 100 buildings from 25 floor to 50 floor and hopefully must have better planning. It is the Royal Family of Ajman which is responsible to develop this city. We hope
they will take all necessary precaution in this city so that untoward incidents of this sort don't happen there.

let us wish the authorities best of luck to finish their promises made to investors that it would be fantastic city to live in.
May all UAE emirates set an example to the world of how to live happily with all most all countries people living in UAE.

May Allah bless us all.