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How much money have you paid your developer?

10000-50000 AED
3% (6 votes)
60000-100000 AED
13% (25 votes)
110000-150000 AED
30% (58 votes)
160000-200000 AED
14% (27 votes)
210000-250000 AED
14% (26 votes)
260000-300000 AED
9% (17 votes)
310000-350000 AED
4% (8 votes)
360000-400000 AED
3% (6 votes)
410000-450000 AED
4% (7 votes)
460000+ AED
6% (12 votes)
Total votes: 192


Last email from BL Properties

My name is Shahram Jahanbiglari and bought a 1 bed room apartment in Altitude tower, 3 of my friends also did this :?

We received time-to-time emails from BL Properties which are asking for payments. the last one was Thursday, September 02, 2010 15:36 from Mr. Khurram Burney. the following is just copy pased from his email:

We have offered you change your current payment plan to a construction based payment plan. Also, if you wish to stay with your current payment plan we are also willing to accept relaxation on current installments by as much as 50% for the next 6-12 months.
Please note that all payments will go directly into the escrow account of your unit.
We are committed in moving forward however, we can’t do so without your continuous support and meeting your end of the financial requirements.
Please get in touch with us on priority basis.

after that we reply the answer but it could not be sent :O
I also received another email from a person from BL Properties named Qazi Jan on 17 Aug 2010 which is requested money with the following
account details:

Account No: 001-582-0077364-01
Bank:Â Dubai Islamic Bank

I realy confiused, The question is: Are all our payments were gone and somebody try to get more ....????

salam , age rahi peyda

salam , age rahi peyda kardin lotfan be manam begid , pedare manam az GCD kharideh ,
movafagh bashin ,

misheh telephone shoma ra

misheh telephone shoma ra begiram ta ba shoma tamas begiram? mamnoon hastam aghayeh poney.

what happen

i woulk like to know what happening please eamil me

smae game being played

smae game being played by sweethomes , bec of large numbers of investors stopped paying ,they are now hungry for more money starting threats by adding 1 k dhm for each returned cheque ! we paied 55% for 25% construction and still they ask for money while r-holding (ajman gov ) refuse to put single brick in infrastructur of EC , who is the ideate will give them more money ? dont be confused ,if they refuse to issue new contract mentioning clear completion date with payment linked construction with suitable penelty on delay and the flat must be supplied with water,electricity, roads ,mall and schools -------> no money let them burn in hell , let the owner enjoy our money will see how god will let him enjoy !!

venice tower

Does anybody have an idea of what is going on with this tower? did anybody get his money back ?


As far as I know, no investor who has invested in emirates city has got their investment returned back.

do not pay one dirham more

Take the seller to court. You should in theory win as the seller has defaulted on the contract. But whatever you do, do not pay one dirham more.

altitude tower

BL Properties excuses have been on going for over 2 years, i have paid nearly 50% and the developement is not even 2%. BL have been lying through their teeth every time i speak to them (that is when you can get hold of them), they are not honouring anything that has been stated. \the contract is not worth the paper its written on. I would say that unless they can show some sensibler level of development, then we would be ver foolish to pay any further installments. BL has been making all the excuses possible but they've lied for too long now. I've seen some foolish people saying that we should continue to pay installment requests, not sure if these people work for the developers or have more money then sense.

I don't see BL or the majority of developers completing any work or refunding any investor. ARRA seem to be a waste of time, 2 years they have been defending developers and discourage any legal steps against developers. The rulers of Ajman have made an absolute fortune selling empty plots of sand, Ajman government must understand what kind of long term damage these ineffective projects are having on the image of their emirate - do they really care, i don't think so.

UK investor

hello Do you have any

Do you have any information about Rose Tower? If you hove say to me.

Children of wicked developers cursed!

It seems that the wicked developers are cheating the investors to give money to their childrens for better future prospects at the cost of robbing the money from investors. Will Allah bless these developers children, with the money they are running away and keeping quite. Allah's promise of cursing these developers would come, as had happened in the past scriptures. Lets also hope that Allah will open their eyes from their wrongdoing.

chocolate tower

I was promissed completion on december 2009 and 1 year later nothing has happend.
Could somebody please tell me what on earth is going on


nothing is happening with Chocolate tower, send me an email at, i will explain in details.

How many people are continuing to pay?

On the forum we hear from a lot of disgruntled people, understandably so. However, what about the others? Is there any way of finding out how many, if any, people have continued with their payments? :?

Savannah Tower

I have a 1 bedroom flat in Savannah Tower, I did paid almost AED 200,000 and reamining amount is almost AED 100,000,
but i did stop my installments since 2008, Any body has idea what developer will do ? on the site only 4 floor has been complete.
Please advice me what should i do ?
Any body has any expriences to deal with JUNAID REAL ESTATE ( Ajman ) they are real time crook.

I have unit in Savannah Tower

what's your e-mail address,let's discuss and get some action together.

Emirates Pearls

any one has any idea , what happend to Emirates pearls Tower of 3d venture.

is it possible to swap to any ready to occupy flats in ajman

Why are people still paying I dont know

There would be available before 2015 in Emirates city.

If it does .. it would like driving in rural areas of RAK before reaching your building .

I really don't understand why the government is quiet about this.


We must get our money back!!


dear all ..

i heared that the chairman of ARRA Mr. Umer Barguthi has been fired from his job ...i dont know why...but i have already send ARRA a request to confirm this.... does anybody knows about it ....?????

umahmed's picture

why ARRA chairman fired?

I also want to know. Because I was been fooled from ARRA and R holding



faisal ek's picture

omar barghuti is out of arra

i also heard omar barghouti is no more with arra and i dont think we will know the reason!!!