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Google Maps

Google Maps,55.5732945,836a,35y,270h/data=!3m1!1e3

What you want to highlight in

What you want to highlight in this post ?. This is normal Google earth. If we see emirates city in Google maps, the side road along MBZ road is shown incomplete. If we use this map for navigation to EC, it takes one to Heilio area and then from Unpaved ( Kathcha ) road to EC. I sent many mails to Google but they are not responding.

Good afternoon! First, Google

Good afternoon!
First, Google Map renewed the view of the Emirates City, I looked last week (there was an old look) and saw the updated look just yesterday.
Secondly, did you notice the significant progress on the Rose Tower (D 03) ??!
It seems to me or is it really already higher now and Lily Tower and Lavender Tower (D01 and D02) ?!
And in general, I try to share any information, new information that I got from open sources of information

Rose Tower

Yes, Rose tower is higher thatn Lilie and Lavander. however. i dont think this photo is new. it might be 4 months old if you look at the power station. power station is progressing very fast

I did not talk about the fact

I did not talk about the fact that this is actual (at the current moment, to date), I said that Google Map has updated the view of the Emirates City. Certainly, processing takes a considerable time and in fact this kind of "lags behind" reality for several months.

Dear MHMD When do you think

When do you think EB supply will get connect? for paradise lake

what is EB?

if you mean power station, rumors says it will be ready in 4 or 5 months. honestly they are working very hard and fast. they are doing the final finishings outdoor, but nobody knows about the progress indoor

Thanks EB Electricity

Thanks EB Electricity