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Good News : Etisalat for Paradise Lake Towers ( Row B)

Etisalat has officially resumed the work of cable installation for B row. i have been informed that we can from now submit our applications. this guy ( Etisalat Saleman : Majeed 056--698 0003) told me that they are offering 3 month free. however, needs to be verified. all the best :)

Internet Service Availability

work is progressing fast. they finished installing fiber optics cable. those who applied will get service very soon, maybe in Jun itself

B5 is officially online

finally B5 is now online. connection has been installed in many flats. elife fibre optic is ready

thanks when do you think will

thanks when do you think will be available to B6 tower regards

not later than 2 or 3 weeks

after b5 it will be b9, then b6. but all will be done within Jul hopefully

Dear Mohamed Kindly inform me

Dear Mohamed
Kindly inform me B6 is connected with Etisalat or still ongoing

i am not sure

i am not sure, but it is either done or very soon. if you live there you can ask security

Thanks by the way I am not

Thanks by the way I am not residing in PL so I request your information

Internet in PLT

They are working now in B5, next will be B9 and then finally B6. Probable time frame may be B5 may complete in August, B9 in Sept and B6 in October.

Latest situation

What is the latest situation of internet in B5. For B6 they are telling it can take one more week ( translated as one month) to start the work

B5 is connected already

B5 is connected already. B6 will be done very soon