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Goldcrest Business Vistas

akhiabani's picture

Dear Stargiga CROOKS, After ten years of free use of my money your website says this project is on hold.
How long more my money is going to be on hold?
Is the ajman land of anything goes?
No rules, no laws, no dignity and everyone is a crook?

Gold Crest Business Vista

I agree with you Akhiabani.
What do you expect from this bunch of crooks from Star Giga and their management and owners?
They have no reputationand I do not understand how can they be allowed to trade in UAE?
They should have gone bankrupt long time a go .........
Disgusting owner and his board of Directors.......


Goldcrest tower

Hello Everyone
I`m about to buy a new apartment in Goldcrest tower,
Any suggestions please ? it`s really on hold ? i went last week and i checked already the tower it`s seems like one year ahead to complete everything
Thanks in advance for helping me