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GCD Tower A, Goldcrest Dreams

Dear Friends
Any owners in the GCD Tower A, Goldcrest Dreams
Please contact me thru this web site
Finally there is news for GCD Tower A, Goldcrest Dreams



Tower A

Salam all any news on completion date and hand over of tower A

completion date and hand over of tower A

here's the answer i received on 13rd april from star giga ...

Dear Sir,

The Completion date of Tower A is June, 30th. Once the completion is done we will be calling you for snagging of apartment. Later after inspection from the civil defense we shall handover the keys to you.

Thanks & Warm Regards,

good news

If it june 30 th they are targeting great
we can soon expect it by then or atleast amonth or so i think by august end looks a comfortable time

God bless them .
They made us shed blood tears and now we get our rights

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price of Stargiga A

So we will pay full price of the apartment although the prices have gone down 40%? Further, what about the installments which are supposed to be paid after the hand over?

arrange with the company they

arrange with the company they will call you for snagging if you pay something or negotiate as per your wish.

as always i have said it your tree water it by money youll grow it.
if dont water it it will wither away. loose all you have paid .
The developer will resell today tomorrow later the unit and make double profits.
The developer will gain in all cases.

So its up to you and how flush with cash or money you are.

But my suggestion close with the devloper asap and get in or get out ASAP .
getting out will take ages they will never refund u easily.
choice is all yours

market pricing has nothing to

market pricing has nothing to do with the developer.

In case the price had gone up would you pay the difference to the developer --
ofcourse not as you have a contract

infortunately the chips are against you so take it easy bear the market ---sell when it is profitable

fighting the developer even if they are unetheical or whater you say call them .

They have managed to achieve something almost close to closing the first tower. They are not the best in emirates city
Nor are they the worst . only way out is to accept your own losss or pay up and take your unit .

negotaite with them and you will get closure

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market pricing

If someone thinks that Stargiga would not have charged more money if the market prices had gone up, they are very naive. Besides the market prices have gone down because of their greed and mismanagement as prices of property have gone up all over the world.

They will not negotiate with individuals. They can only be negotiated if all the investors get together. Government is not on the side of investor but government should be told that its the investors who bring money and business to UAE. Currently investors are running away from UAE espacially Ajman.

basically star giga i dont

basically star giga i dont LIKE THEM at all nor do i hate them . I need to get my work done

I need my part of the deal.the earlier the better
The later the more losses i have
imagine form 2008 to 2018 ie 10 years you lost 8% pa of what you paid assuming that is the rent thats almost 80% of what you paid (assuming you invested a similar amount in another project in the uae )

even if you get your money back its great my unbiased answer is


and GET IN or GET OUT dont stay stuck . The more you stay stuck the more of 8% you are loosing

Hand over

Dose anyone know the handover and registration fees? Please reply

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market pricing

In any civilized world, investors should be able to get full refund as stargiga has failed in all their commitments. They are not giving resident visas which they promised in their advertisements and definitely charged premimum for it in the price, no electricity, water and drainage. Electricity by generators are not the way to live and its too expensive. Its a failed project and full refund should be made.

Also there are news of cracks in structure of the building and its not safe to live in.


Hi All

I have not been on the forum for a while as I was unemployed and looking for a job in SOuth Africa.
I received a mail from Star Giga stating that they have terminated my property.

Can they do this due to me being unemployed.

Is there anything I can do as I have paid them a sum of already AED200k

Any help will be appreciated