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Future of Emirates City

Now only 7 towers are operational ( 3 in B row , 2 in C row and 2 in D row). There is so much of parking problem + road blockage frequently due to tankers and cars parked on road. On average there are minimum of 3 tankers coming everyday for each tower ( 1 for sewerage, one for water and one for diesel).
When more and more buildings will be completed, what will be situation with regard to parking and road congestion.

Star Giga

Good morning,
a slight adjustment to row С three towers in progress.
Star Giga has posted two photos about the beginning of the work on the tower C (GCD C07).
I posted a link to the forum topic.


water and Electricity ( by FEWA) will be ready before next summer. so this will decrease the number of tankers. however, sewerage will be a bit late. other services like light, pavement, roads, and Parking should be addressed to Master Developer ( R Holding) bcz it is the only one responsible for civil design

and yes, currently there are 2 towers which are operational in C row, and there are 2 more which will be ready very very soon ( C2 and GCD A). they are almost done

how about rose tower ? any

how about rose tower ? any update ? when expecting to be finished ?

under active construction

it might need a year to get finish

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C1 Fortune Residence

I thought there was construction activity on C1 . Is there?


Yes they are active in C1. however, i think it still needs a year to finish, same as D3, B7, B8.

I think by the end of 2018, there will be 14 Towers Ready ( 3 in D row, 6 in C, 5 in B)

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Thank you

And is there still construction on one of the A row towers?

yes only 1 tower

yes there is slow activity in 1 tower. i am not sure of the exact name but it might be between A10 and A13.

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Much appreciated

I do hope that Chapal will show up too. D4-D7

major development

i dont think there will be major development in EC before Electricity and Water become ready. bcz only then Major facilities will start ( Mall, School, Medical Centre, Police, Masjid). these facilities will encourage all developers to resume. Also dont forget that R Holding should be active in managing this district ( Landscaping, Park, Street, Light, Parking Area, Beautification). they all should work together to Regain EC to life again

R holding

What should be done to approach R holding to make them realize the need for development work in EC. It seems they don't want to spend money here only because it is expat community and no locals are living here. We can give them suggestion that they can force the developers to participate in the development of EC. For example developers in row B ( like sweet homes ) should be forced to do street lights, removal of construction garbage, plantation of tress, green belt in the area in front of their towers ( from B 4 to B15) and similarly Star Giga should do similar works in front of their towers. And so forth.


why should sub-dovelopers do this. they can simply reject and they have the right. it is not their responsibility. it should be done by Master Developer only, and this by law

Once the master developer is

Once the master developer is not doing their responsibility, someone should do it. And don't forget master developer is Govt. owned. They can change the rules any time they like. Even the sub developers are earning huge profits in terms of electricity and maintenance charges. If they spend some of it for community welfare there is no harm.

i agree

i agree with you, but there is no law that can force them now. in future maybe. and even if developer whats to pay for any change, they will charge Owner Association. nothing free nowadays