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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to see the statistics of visits to this virtual community website?
Yes, Just by click on the "site meter" icon in the bottom left in every page of this website.
of course, You can't access to detailed statistics.

User Management
How can i add/change my tower name and other personal info?
You should refer to "My account" page | Edit (in the top of the page) | Personal Information,
Then you can add/change your tower name and unit no. to your personal Info and see them the members list.

Can i change my personal specifications?
Yes you can chage your ID (username), and other specifictions by refring to your personal page and click on edit tab on the top of the page.

Can i change my personal specifications?
Yes you can chage your ID (username), and other specifictions by refring to your personal page and click on edit tab on the top of the page.

How can find a member who bought a unit in my tower?
Refer to left side menu and click on Members list.
Then you seek for members who have a unit in your tower.
Also you can sort the list by nationality or tower name or other spec. just click on the header of related column.

How can i contact directly to a member?
You can refer to the personal page of every member (by clicking on member's ID in every post or on the members list) and click on contact tab on the top of the page.

I didn't received the email of my account's password. Why?
If you create an account but didn't have success to log in
Maybe the email of password is moved to the bulk or spam folder of your mail server.
If you don't find that email, contact us to send you your temporary email individually.

How many points can get a user who adds content to this virtual community?
Catalogue page 10 points
Vote (Poll) 5
Images of Prgress 3
Forum topic & Blog entry 2
add new comment 2
Classified Ads -5

If a user adds :
1) a comment just for increasing his/her points,
2) advertise for a developer or real estate broker,
The comment will be deleted.
If he/she repeat his action, He/She received negative points.
If He/She repeat again, His/Her account will be deleted or his/her IP will be inserted inthe black list.

Content Management
Why my picture (or avatar) is not shown in my posts?
The avatars is shown in all posts except the comment.

Add a catalogue page
Add content > Catalogue page
Submit Book page
Title: if it's the main/first page of catalogue, you should insert full name of tower/project.
Parent: if it's first page, choose . and if it's child page, choose name of main/first page.
Catalogue: for example choose residential tower for creating a catalogue for Emirates city's Rose Tower.
include text, images and plans of the project.
enable rich text you should click on it for accessing to the many tolls and buttons for editing the page, inserting image and link, formating the text etc like what you can see in the "Microsoft Word".

Also you can go to the created page and click in the bottom of the page for adding a child page to the other pages of that catalogue.

Can i adda forum topic to more than one thread?
No, But you can create a link in the other threads.
After you add a topic to a thread, you should go to the topic and click on "edit".
Change the thread by "Forum" choices.
Now if you check "Leave shadow copy", You move the topic to the other thread and remain a link to it in previous thread.

Is it possible to enlorge the images existed in the gallery?
Yes, Look to the bottom of image!
Is there a linknamed "Original"?
Yes, click on it to enlarge.
No, So the original image had not been larger than what you see.

Add an image of progress to the Gallery
Add content > Image of Progress
Submit Image
Title: insert name of tower(s) or plots (concisely)
Image: Browse one image in your computer for uploading.
Image Galleries: Select a category/gallery for archiving your image.
Body: Describe the status of project(s).
If you want to use of images shared in the other websites such as, Click in the bottom of body box on "enable rich-text", Then you can use of the button "insert/edit image" in the toolbar.
If the the body box is small, drag right-down corner of body box and pull it downward.
Also you can insert your decripton below image.