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FORTUNE RESIDENCY C01 - 25 floor - Superstructure Complete

FORTUNE RESIDENCY C01 - 25 floor - Superstructure Complete

FORTUNE RESIDENCY C01 - 25 floor - Superstructure Complete


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"The project being built at

"The project being built at a cost of AED 15 billion is part of a range of projects currently under development that has been designed to expand and augment the economic progress of Ajman.Located at just a 20 minute drive from Dubai International Airport, this modern development sits directly dog bed on the Emirates Road, which is strategically linked to the other emirates of Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The project consists of around 72 residential and commercial properties ....."

When was this 2006? Or was it in 2005........Enticing Marketing!!

Somebody remove these Bed

Somebody remove these Bed Linen advertisers.

I agree with Ajman Investor

I agree with Ajman Investor, he is correct - many people posting on this forum only talk about the doom and gloom (a bit like the British Media), maybe you all work for a British media company....hmmmm.

The crisis all came all of a sudden - nobody expected it to hit the UAE so hard and fast. We have all made mistakes in our investments (even Warren Buffet does too), but to talk down the project DEFINATELY DOES NOT help. The Ajman authorities are doing something about this, but will take a long time to solve as this is a complex project - it is the worlds largest single phased project...apparantly.

In my opinion, we will see developments consolidated within Emirates City. For example, investors from towers not yet off the ground will be given a similar flat in a tower such as this which has already topped out. This will be good because, there are people who have invested in this tower who have defaulted and will not carry on with their payments, this way ARRA will cancel their investment and give it to someone else from another development who is willing to carry on paying the installment (construction based of course).

So dont see this project as a dead will be delayed by a good few years. And those of us who are still in this will reap the rewards in the end.


The big 'HYPE' is that if

The big 'HYPE' is that if you decide to invest in the right development project and target the correct country, then you, as the investor, can make some serious money.
unfortunately we targeted wrong country to invest in, Ajman is world center of crooks.

Emirates City Bad Reputation and Lost Credibility

Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda. Motivated by your interest in EC as a developer.

Even if you sleep on this forum, and keep telling others that EC is fine, it doesnt matter, the smell is out, and it stinks.

Are you reading the real experiences by other investors on this board? did you see what has been posted today about 3D and Furqan and many other towres that developers didnt even bother to register? and the ones that have are progressing as snails?

Your comparison to dubai and burj arab all are not valid. These are individual projects and from what I know memon and other developers are delivering ahead of time since construction cost is lower. Delays are encountered across the UAE yes, but disasters, None like emirates City.

Dont insult our intellegence by trying to make things rosy, I recommend you go back to whatever your doing in life, theft that is, and leave people here to go on about their business.

Ajman Flat if this is not something positive then what we Want

Brother !!!! instead of fighting and arguing , let me make understand that in your idea how much percentage of work is completed on this tower? as according to me it is around 70% completed and 15% paid towards land so altogether its 85% and if developer collected 90% or 85% then where is the problem? Still we keep talking negative for this developer also?
Brother have u been to sports city, Jumeira Village Circle, triangle, Business Bay.... they all are in similar shape of Emirates City... all are delayed for 2 or 3 years minimum... Burj Dubai the TALLEST tower is delayed... infrastructure will definitely going to come, do u think that 102 buildings in Emirates City will be kept like this without Power and Raods ? There is Abu Dhabi also they will intervene and I feel there is no need for them to intervene......Ajman authorities who made ARRA in this diffficult times are definitely thinking something about projects and developers, otherwise why they bother to make ARRA and increase headaches in these difficult times.
Solution is not we all thinking that just catch all developers and put them inside Jail... there are Bad and good people every where, so by registering and auditing documents ARRA is separating bad and good ones and for Bad developers they are now saying that they will help and co-operate in courts if some one like to go.
So be positive brother...dont be tooo optimistic but dont be extreme pessimist also.
"Moderator please donot delete my positngs cowardly.... as many of my information and postings are deleted by moderators as told to me by Administrator on inquiry....I never used abusive languge niether i become personal ever, let people on this blog decide they like different ideas or like only to listen one negative voice......

whats so impressive

Again ajman investor. your trying to make things roosy while in reality it stinks.

the project here your refering to started back in middle of 2007!!

what is so impressive that now they have the structure in place? they need 1 more year at best to finish. we are talking end of 2010 at best. and even then, the city is unlivable and most likely electricity is on generators.

you think these people paid top derham to get generators electricity? and start collecting rent in 2012? 4 years late ?

what is so impressive about that? nothing.

Mahateer I agree with you

I agree with Mahateer...... when we are saying everything is ruinned and then we see such huge tower build and near completion, we should appreciate this. If you go in Emirates City more than 20 towers are now in same length and same status. I know things are messed up and we did wrong investments and with me all of us here are now thinking how to come out, but at same time we should keep working on solutions which are win win, so without wasting more money we can get something out of our investment. There are lot of other negative points which I am not neglecting and Brother Mahateer we should keep sending emails and faxes to R holding MASTER DEVELOPER as I am sending to them, that what they are doing for infrastructure. I am asking sweet homes, crystal, unique where i invested to ask the same from Master Developer

Good News

We always see here that people don’t give any concern or attention to the positive news the majority look only to the dark side and exaggerating bad news.

Unfortunate investment

We all did this unfortunate investment in AJMAN in 2006, and the master developer started building the city in 2006 with very big adv. Worlds largest single phas $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Till now (in 4 years) there is not even one livable building, no electricity, Water, road , before it was a decert and now it is scrap yard.
while selling they told us that residence visa is there
project supported by ruler family
50 % payment before compleation and 50 % completion
completion and handover date is Dec-2008

now nobody know when it will be ready to for human to live there.

Majestic Towers

both C2&C3 towers are on the track and its superstructure is expected to be completed by end of September 2009 . this good new and good support to EC