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Escrow Account for PLT maintenance Fee

Escrow Account for PLT maintenance Fee

Maintenance fee to be deposited in this account, not to Best Options any more


Maintenance Fee

Hi All,

Can someone tell me how much is the Maintenance Fee? And when is this due for payment.

Also can someone from the Association confirm that the Swimming Pool & Gym are now active.


not yet

it is not yet decided. just wait for 2 or 3 weeks to be finalized. please note that it will not be 4 dhs any more. increment is very expected.

swimming pool and gym may not be ready this year bcz of the budget

So how and from whom do we

So how and from whom do we get receipts from when we pay? Where is their office if we want to pay cash? .. I prefer not to pay Best Option too.. so this is step in the right direction..


no cash payment at all. when you go to bank, bank will guide you. thx


Dear MHMD,

I think It will be better to create a WhatsApp group of Apartment owners of PLT . Someone from Owners association can become the admin, so that information can be shared by everyone, may become very useful. Admit the members by verification.

the proper way

the proper way is to have official email that all owners can contact Owner Association. also there will be Suggestion/Complaint Box. whatsapp is not a solution, as it will waste much time for member to reply instantly for all messages

Hello: How much is the


How much is the maintenance per unit?


4 DSh

as of now 4 Dhs, but it will change soon (higher or less). maybe will be same. things not yet finalized

Thanks MHMD for sharing the document


Plz send my your number MHMD

I will be grateful for sending your number in my e-mail I just i have a few inquiries



you can send me email from the forum. send me email internally


Hi MHMD, please send me your cell no. as I need to ask your help for PLT B5


you can send me email from the forum. send me email internally


The contact option is missing in your profile that allows sending internal e-mails , Plz can you check it

sorry. i fixed it

it is ok now. thx

Thanks MHMD