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The power plant will boost the value of Emirates City. In terms of rent and resale. Any idea the date of completion of the power plant?


officially announced last year that it will be ready by Jun 2018... However, ARRA people say it might be ready in Feb or Mar 2018!

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From Google Maps

From Google Maps,55.5763195,301m/data=!3m1!1e3

thank you 4 the update

any news 4 the B7

Day and Night work

they are working day and night almost. this week they are working from 6 am till after midnight, maybe 1 or 2 am. that is really good, and we all hope works will finish before time limit. i hope that this power substation will bring EC to life back, and will encourage developer to resume works

I hope so too it seems the

I hope so too it seems the current system of power in emiratescity is too expensive and unpredictable! They send bills to flats which no one is living at meaning there is no meters in place! This substation cant come soon enough.

Thanks for the info MHMD, am trying to understand its location, you said opposite b5 , I thought there was another row of building which were allocated to be built in front of b5 (the final row) , am a little confused.


Yes it is infront of B5.... beyond the cancelled row

Thanks! I didn't realise it

Thanks! I didn't realise it was cancelled.

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No official cancelations

No official cancelations in EC yet....

was there?

was there official announcement when they stopped building in in 2009? was there any official announcement when they resumed in 2013? so dont expect any announcement from them when they do anything. yes, there is no announcement that A row is cancelled, but i dont think they can build a high rise tower exactly next to power substation. for safety reason, there should be enough space around the station. so they might cancel A4, A5, A6, if not the entire row

Tower A4, A5 and A6

Good afternoon!
Tower A4, A5 and A6 are projects of Star Giga, namely the A4 and A5 - Gold Crest Dream 3 (see ), A6 - Gold Crest Dreams 4U (see ), there can be seen and the Master Plan of Emirates City with reference to these projects on Row A.
If there is any OFFICIAL confirmation cancellation of these projects - please post the information.

i know that

i know that A4 and A5 and A6 are for Star Giga (GCD3 and GCD4). i know that they are in EC original Plan. i only said that (it is said) that A row is cancelled. i didnt confirm this personally. this is what many brokers say. it might be wrong, i know

secondly, i didnt claim that there is official announcement. i said that R holding are not professional enough to publish official announcement for major changes. whatever they do, they do it silently. did they publish any announcement when they stopped the project in 2009?? NOP... did they do when they resumed in 2013? also NOP. so if they really cancel A row or not, they will not announce it .

is there any civil engineer here to tell us if it is possible to build high rise tower exactly next to a power plant? the location of the plant is exactly behind A5. is it safe for residents to live in close proximate to high voltage power plant? i dont know. i hope if anyone can answer us

What MHMD says makes sense,

What MHMD says makes sense, but we will just have to wait and see, just like the rest of EC project! Its strange they picked that location, as they had so much space to choose from. Thanks for the info guys, please keep it up as there is only propaganda that comes out of developers! So the inputs of people like you are invaluable!

What I find amazing is the lack of shop space in the B Towers so much potential squandered and inconvenience for residents.

thank you

buildings design of B row is not meant to have shops same as lavender and lilies. the same apply for C row as well. the only option to have shops nearby is to have separate shops opposite B Row. this is only if A row is really cancelled. if not, then there will be no space at all for any shops. or we need to wait for the mall which is also far relatively if need to go by walk. this not applicable for shops only, but for all other services residents might need in future like police station, schools, parks and mousque

It is said so

It is said that A row is cancelled...but not sure....however substation is being built beyond A row....


Any idea about etisalat connection.

It's available now

Etisalat connection is available now in towers of row C &D , I don't know about availability in row Bs

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No more excuses

No more excuses from developers not to build anymore. .

Power plant for EC

Where this plant is situated and after how many years it will be completed ?

it is opposite B5, and will be ready by mid 2018

it is opposite B5, and will be ready by mid 2018

Power plant impact on envoironmernt

This power plant is being built very close to the residential buildings. What will be its effect on noise and air pollution. There is vast desert beyond this plant why not they built it away from residential areas

Power plant will be ready at the end of 2017 ?

The roof of 1st floor of the plant has been completed.
I asked one of the engineers working for the plant about the completion date of the plant. He was pretty sure that it will start producing electricity at the end of this year.


that is really optimistic..i hope so. but we also need to consider that completion means installation of electrical devices and testing them. when firstly announced, they said it will be completed by mid 2018. so i really hope it is ready before that date!