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Dead City (official name Emirates city) March 15, 2015

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Dead city

Thanks for the pictures.. Did you have a chance to talk to anyone?
The only fresh thing is C4 and no changes any where else.

Akhiabani, Good day !!!

Akhiabani, Good day !!!
This and other forums (related to the project Emirates City) filled with anger, negativity and despair investors from around the world. To my great regret I can not say anything good or positive. I was saddened by absenteeism at Emirates City, which took place on March 15. I will express only the opinion and the impression from what you see - this cemetery buildings.
Individual projects are coming to an end - only small bright spots in this gloomy picture. I'm sure to be surrounded by dilapidated buildings not give anyone any pleasure.
Of course, I spoke to a representative of Star Giga, whose offices are located right on the second floor of the parking in the tower C6. I was extremely dissatisfied with this meeting. I have not heard an apology for the many years of delay, nor kontsruktivnogo conversation or discussion on the return of money or pay a penalty ... nothing.
Was rejected in the discussion on the exchange on Tower A (C9), as all the apartments there is supposedly already distributed. It is the only tower on which progress can be seen, although the completion of all work on it may not be earlier than the next two years (subject to such rates, but this is only my opinion). The representative of the developer proposed a variant of exchange at Tower B (C8), while when signing I have to pay several tens of thousands of US dollars (!!!!!!!), ie full payment price of the apartment, which is not known when he received !!! !!!! My indignation knew no bounds. Hatred and anger overwhelmed me so far.
I traveled twice to ARRA (before and after a trip to the construction site). There silently listened and threw up his hands. Said that two years ago I was already accepted by the complaint, and that's all they can do for me in this situation !!!!
The worst thing is that in a private conversation with the staff Becon Construction (subcontractor Star Giga) it was said that the completion of Tower A (C9) will need a few more years, and the remaining towers (C6 - C8) their height will not exceed 20 floors (approximately), and the term of completion of construction on it is impossible to predict !!!!!!

We must act !!!

I apologize for my bad English and excess emotion in the previous message.
But I urge all members of this forum, all those who like me has invested money (earned is not the easiest, but honest work) to do something rather than sit and wait - nothing good in the next few years for us is not going to happen. I believe that together we must prepare a draft letter as to the Sheikh of Ajman, and to the heads of ARRA and R-Holding. AND EACH MEMBER OF THE FORUM MUST sign and send.
As long as we are silent we expect miracles, the developer will not be much strain, and will only create the appearance that is an active construction.

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The main reason for this dead

The main reason for this dead city is the lack of leadership from the master developer. This government has all the money needed to finish this city( they even own their own bank ) yet no action..
Why isn't REIE (rulers company which owns everything in Ajman ) building the Rose tower which seats next to his brothers Lilies tower???

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Arra is just a puppet set up

Arra is just a puppet controlled by rulers sons in helm of Rholding and REIE..

Shami Twin Towers

What should we do we are all abroad that why this people took advantage of all of us and there building more properties in there country i dont know the kingdom doesn't see all this comments and do something for us am a lone parent i have 3 children i worked so hard and put all my savings to buy this apartment i didn't get anything in return.
Thank you Prince of Ajman for not caring.