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Costs of Life in Ajman - Rent

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Dear Friends,
As you know the retal rates in RAK have been rised very much.
Gulf News wrote:
A one-bedroom apartment, if found, is currently being leased for a minimum of Dh45,000-Dh50,000, and a two-bedroom apartment ranges from Dh75,000-Dh80,000.

Is there any one who know about latest rental rates of Ajman? studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom?
What about different areas? What about last year? What about supply and demand in Ajman? What's the reson of change?
Could you please contact with some agents?

It's very important for investors and residents? Please help your friends in this forum if you can?

Ajman Rental

Ajman today provides most facilities or services offered by other Emirates and yet the rental here in Ajman is below Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and RAK.

Ajman rental couldve been lower but due to lack of electricity and water, i think we got 5% of the houses without power, therefore making the existing houses more expensive to rent. In addition to Dubai and sharjah residents forced to reside in Ajman, makes this place much more positive in terms of rental for home owners, but seems to be a bad news for residents of Ajman, as the demand soars, i already have plenty of friends living in AJman pressured to pay more rents.

Ajman today regardless of the area, offers similar rental charges be it in main downtown or seaside area, Al Jerf, Hamidiya! mainly because of soaring demand.

Newly built buildings or 5year old buildings Studio offered @ 30K-35K per annum Avg
For 1-bed @ 35K-40K Avg
For 2-bed @ 40K-50K Avg
For 3-bed @ 50K-70K Avg

the number looks good but not for too long. The real estate agents predict another 15%-25% hike in rental for the year 2009.

Potential rental market in Ajman

Ajman Rental market will be very very hot for many years to come!

15years or older buildings in Ajman dominate as of 2008, Government plans to demolish all of them in the very near future. I could see this already happening near the sea side going towards Ajman city centre where Horizon tower is located.

Strict rules in Dubai and Sharjah relating to one villa one family rules, traffic jams in sharjah, more expenses incurring to tenants, high rental are small part of a reason why Ajman possess greatest potential, lets not forget RAK rental forcing their residents to move to Ajman too.

Ajman Govt will be the most flexible and the most friendly of all the Emirates in the forseable future.

One of the small reason is because Ajman govt needs us much more than other Emirates! Ajman need foreign investment locally, regionally and internationally. Is this happening today? YES!

Already we got multinational hotels under construction and RAMADA CONTINENTAL is open few weeks before near city centre Ajman, more banks, Real estate brokers, cafes, restaurants, events, universities, are all part of an exciting future in Ajman!