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Construction of park starts ?

Construction of park starts ?

The area between B and C rows has been leveled. Construction of park is going to start ? . What about the lake. Anyone has any information.



I have been informed 6 months ago that there will be a park instead of lake.... what is your source? Anybody confirmed to you that there will be a park? To be honest, park will be better that lake....i dont think they will take care of it... it will be dirty and will absorb insects and rats... park is more usefull and enjoyable by kids... it will be safe place for them to enjoy

Mosque and Park

The ground leveling is for community park and a mosque!
Thank God!

what is your source

this is good, but is it officially announced, or it is just rumors?

No source

There is no source. It is only what the people are saying. You can see yourself area behind B2 to B6 has been leveled recently. I agree with you park is better than lake. Also there should be more trees planted all over EC