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Chapal Presidency

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A successful court case against Chapal crooks and the investor is waiting for collection.
Looks like the end is near for this nightmare for all of us.
The law firm involved:
A. Hamid Shahat A. Hamid
Legal Advisor
ALI AL-SALLANI Advocate & Legal Consultant,

P.O. Box:6970, Sharjah-UAE.
AL Mubarak Centre, Floor-5, Off.-509
E-mail:aammm @ Hamid Shahat A. Hamid

Need help

Assalam aleikum
I am an owner of unite 1219 at the presidency Ajman i guess no need for me to explain my situation since i am not the only one struggle to know what happen with chapal project of presidency.
I am just searching to have good and trusty lawyer who can deal with chapal to get my property or money back.
Please advise
Fatima benhatta

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Chapal crooks in cooperation

Chapal crooks in cooperation with ajman government are playing a nasty game with the investors. We are going to get our money back eventually either by cancelation or going to court.

there are few who already

there are few who already went to court and won the case last year,but they didn't update us if they refund them or still waiting for their money ... I am here in dubai and searching to hire a good lawyer
Inshallah i will update every one of what will happen and how costly Would be and if wirth it ir not.